S is for Simple

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S is for Simple

How is SIMPLE better when it comes to hot tubs?

Let’s take a look at why we say our hot tubs are Simple and how we feel simplicity gives us that Nordic Difference.

We don’t load our tubs with gizmos, gadgets and the latest ‘razzle dazzle’ thing. If that’s what you want then, a Nordic is not the hot tub for you. Seriously, stop right now and don’t waste your time reading this blog because you won’t be happy and neither will we.

Why don’t you offer the latest ‘gizmos, gadgets and razzle dazzle’?

At Nordic we firmly believe that less is more….more reliablility, more security, more trustworthiness.

As with a lot of new technology, there isn’t a proven track record. With the rush to be the first to market, some (not all), of these products can have an initial ‘wow factor’ but soon become more problematic than fun. At that point, they are expensive, unused features and if they fail, there is usually a significant replacement cost. We don’t want our customers to have that type of experience or waste their money!

Additionally, an unfortunate reality in the technology era is that hackers abound. They leave no stone un-turned in their quest to tap into your personal data. With remote access as the newest feature of ‘smart’ hot tubs, hackers have found serious weak spots in some systems and can take control of your hot tub from anywhere in the world!

Is this something to be concerned about? After all, it’s just a hot tub!

We think it is. By tapping into your remote system, hackers can tell when you are using your hot tub which could make you vulnerable. Since Nordic doesn’t use this type of remote access you can be assured your hot tub is not open to being hacked and your info used.

By the way, this isn’t speculation, read about the threat discovered recently in the UK.

You trust Nordic to be reliable and in these two instances our simplicity and security reinforce our reliability.

Ok, so by being simple, do you use stripped down or outdated components?

No. We use quality, state-of-the-art components that have proven performance records within the pool and spa industry. We don’t skimp on quality. Never have…never will! Plus, we continually research vendors which have a good reputation and fit our product vision.

So, do you ever change or upgrade?

Of course! As the saying goes, “If you’re not moving forward, you’re going backward.”

Here at Nordic, we strongly believe that keeping things simple in an ever-changing world requires hard work. We continually test, re-evaluate, tweak and tune both products and processes. It’s all part of our commitment to make your experience, our hot tubs, and our company better.

At the beginning of this year, we introduced a re-designed cabinet. The combination of a clean, modern aesthetic plus increased thermal protection makes this cabinet a true win!

However, in some instances, our upgrades are not directly to our products, but to our processes which indirectly enhance your experience. To see more of what we’ve been up to recently, please read this blog post.

Even now, we’re working on new product ideas to roll out sometime in…WHOA! We almost let that slip! Can’t tell you all our secrets! Let’s just say, we’re not letting the grass grow under our hot tubs!

Stay tuned!

This is the first in a series of blog posts where we examine the four pillars of our S.T.A.R. philosophy: Simple, Therapeutic, Affordable, Reliable. These posts are intended to explain our ‘why’ and to help you in your decision to purchase a hot tub. If you have questions about how a Nordic Hot Tub can benefit you, we have a dealer nearby who can help! Use the Find A Nordic Dealer Partner button (above) and let us Turn Your Day Ah-h-h-h-round!

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