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Frequently Asked Questions

Hot Tub Owner FAQs

Help! Why Aren't my Jets Working?

First, check to make sure your power is on.  If it is, then the next thing you will want to check is the water level in your tub.  If the water level is below the filter level, add water immediately!

If your tub is on and your water is above your filter, then you may just need to adjust your Whirlpool Jet.  Your hot tub is equipped with at least one Whirlpool Diverter jet (2, 3 or 4 positions depending on tub model purchased), located on the filter wall on most models.

These jets, when turned, will divert water to either the Whirlpool Jet or to different groups of wall jets.  Each position is reached with a 90 degree turn of the whirlpool jet face.  It is recommended to turn the collar of the whirlpool diverter jet while the jets are in low speed operation and turn clockwise when possible.

Remember, turning your diverter will affect the flow of water to different seat jets.  Turn the whirlpool diverter to see which jets turn on/off in each position and adjust to suit your personal needs.

How long will it take for my hot tub to heat up?

On average, your hot tub will heat 1-4 degrees per hour. Other contributing factors include your power source (110 vs. 220) as well as exterior weather conditions, and the size of your tub (Bella vs. Rendezvous).

I just bought a hot tub, what chemicals do I need to use?

We recommend Nordic customers use granulated sodium di-chlor in our hot tubs – don’t confuse this with liquid chlorine or calcium hypochlorite.

Granulated sodium di-chlor is a stabilized chemical which dissolves easily and disperses quickly in hot tub water.  It’s effective in higher water temperatures, economical, easy to use and readily available at most pool and spa retail stores.

Be sure to discuss your water care treatment for your hot tub with your local dealer.  However, here is what we recommend buying to get started.

    • Granulated Chlorine     1 bottle         (2 lbs) 
    • Spa pH Up                    1 bottle            (16 oz)   
    • Spa pH Down                1 bottle           (24 oz) 
    • Stain & Scale                 1 bottle           (16 oz) 
    • Test Strips                    1 container

**Please note that the recommended ounces are suggested bottle sizes for purchase. Not ounces to be used in tub as treatment.

Why are there styrofoam cups on my LED lights?

In order to properly protect the lights in your hot tub while we hand-spray foam insulation, styrofoam cups are placed over your LED lights. This protection keeps your lights free of insulation and also helps for ease of service down the road, if needed.

How often do I need to drain my tub?

We recommend draining your hot tub at least 3-4 times a year depending on the amount of usage.  Included with your new Nordic Hot Tub is a “single use purge packet” called Ahh-Some Hot Tub Plumbing & Jet Cleaner. We strongly suggest that you use this plumbing purge packet on your very first drain & fill and on future drain and refills. This will help reduce bio-contaminants that can attach and colonize in the hot tub plumbing. Complete instructions are included on the Ahh-Some product package.  See your Nordic dealer for additional Ahh-Some purge product.

We suggest a plumbing purge prior to each drain and fill.  Ideal times to perform the drain and fill are Spring, Summer and Fall.  DO NOT drain your tub when air temperatures are below freezing.

For more information check out:

How often do I need to clean my filter?

We recommend chemically cleaning the filter cartridge every 4-6 weeks.  This will clear the pleated fabric of debris and trapped oils and allow the filter to work more efficiently.  While every 4-6 weeks is an optimum cleaning schedule, at the very minimum you should chemically clean your hot tub filter every time you drain and refill your hot tub, which we recommend doing at least three times a year.

For more information check out:

As with every chemical you use in your hot tub, please read and follow the instruction printed on the Filter Cleaner container. 

Who do I call If I Need Service Parts?

To order service parts, please contact your local dealer. They will reach out to our team to help arrange the parts and service you require.

Not sure who your local dealer is? Find your local dealer here:

Who do I call if I need service on my tub?

For service on your tub, please contact your local dealer. They are your point of contact. They will arrange a time and tech to come evaluate your tub.

Not sure who your local dealer is? Find your local dealer here:

How do I register my hot tub?

Registering your tub is easy!  Check out this step-by-step tutorial from our service team to learn how:

Is my warranty transferable?

The limited warranty applies to only the original purchaser of the Nordic Hot Tub.

General FAQs

Why isn’t there pricing on your website?

Looking for pricing on your dream spa?  Fill out this form and we will get you in touch with a dealer near you:

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Why is my tub taking so long to arrive?

The pool and spa industry, like many other industries, has been experiencing record high demand and supply chain issues since the start of COVID19.  We appreciate your patience while we navigate this new environment and we cannot wait for you to start enjoying your new spa.

Can I order a hot tub from your website?

Unfortunately, we do not sell directly to consumers.  If you are interested in learning more or getting a quote, we would love to get you in touch with a dealer near you.  Find a local dealer:

Where are your Hot Tubs made?

Nordic Hot Tubs are 100% US made in Grand Rapids, Michigan.