A is for Affordable

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A is for Affordable

We are committed to Affordable Luxury. These aren’t just words or an ad slogan to us, they are a commitment.


Because we know how much a hot tub can improve your life. But, if they aren’t affordable, it kind of defeats the purpose, right?

How do we do this? Read on….

We Research Our Materials

Haven’t we all that that experience where you make a ‘discount’ purchase only to find you have to replace it within a short period of time? Purchasing something of inferior quality is not saving you money if you have to replace it often.

Here at Nordic, we extensively research raw materials and products used to manufacture our hot tubs. We constantly test and evaluate to ensure our hot tubs are made with the finest materials possible. Solid materials save on production costs with reduced waste and time saved.

Plus, we stand behind our hot tubs with our Warranty. If we weren’t sure about the quality of our materials we use, we wouldn’t ….actually, we COULDN’T offer the warranty we do!

We Research Our Vendors

We research vendors much the same way we research our products. Our vendors are essentially our partners in building our product.

As the saying goes, ‘a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link’ and we work hard to ensure that our vendor ‘links’ are strong. Our vendors are some of the best in the business today. They produce components we are proud to offer in our hot tubs.

Additionally, we source domestically and, as much as possible, locally! This saves us, and ultimately YOU, in the landed costs of products and materials.

We Build for Quality

We don’t compromise when it comes to building quality into Nordic hot tubs. Our quality remains the same whether you purchase a Luxury Series hot tub or an All-In-110v Plug-N-Play!

We do not use inferior materials to ‘save a buck’ in the costs of our hot tubs. While features and options may vary by hot tub model, our quality does not.

This means you can be assured that ANY Nordic Hot Tub you purchase is built to last.

We Offer 5 Price Points

Tastes and budgets vary so we offer hot tub models in 5 different price points which are our Series.

Our Luxury Series will be the most expensive models in our line, but even then, they are usually priced comparably to other manufacturers medium to low-end models!

The Sport Edition, Modern Series and Classic Series hot tubs are more in the mid-range of our line and the All-In-110v Series are value-priced to be most affordable.

As you can see, we go to great lengths and expend a lot of effort to maintain high quality yet keep our hot tubs affordable for you.

So, our question to you is….what are you waiting for?

There’s a Nordic Hot Tub that is perfect for you! Contact your local dealer today and let’s get you into hot water with Nordic!

This is the third in a series of blog posts where we examine the four pillars of our S.T.A.R. philosophy: Simple, Therapeutic, Affordable, Reliable. These posts are intended to explain our ‘why’ and to help you in your decision to purchase a hot tub. If you have questions about how a Nordic Hot Tub can benefit you, we have a dealer nearby who can help! Use the Find A Nordic Dealer Partner button (above) and let us Turn Your Day Ah-h-h-h-round!

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