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What Is The Nordic Difference?

Nordic Hot Tubs Is One Of The Best Values In Hot Tubs On The Market Today. Here's Why.....


Difference #1: Simplicity

Correct us if we're wrong but, when you use your hot tub, you want to relax, de-stress and uncomplicate your life, right?  So, why would you want to make a relaxing experience stressful and complex?

At Nordic, we have a simple vision for our hot tub designs. We purposely don’t add gadgets & gizmos so our hot tub operation remains user friendly.

Everything about a Nordic Hot Tub is straight-forward. From air controls to top side controls to jet operation we keep it simple and easy to use.

With other hot tub brands you might have to laminate your owner's manual instructions because you’ll need them ….a lot! With a Nordic Hot Tub you may need to use directions for the first time but, after that, you’ll be a pro at working the air controls and understanding jet zones. You'll be able to operate the pumps or change heat settings with ease.

Designing tubs for simplicity isn’t simple or easy but, our goal is that you are simply satisfied with your Nordic Hot Tub.

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Difference #2: Therapeutic

At Nordic, Therapy is part of our STAR Philosophy.

Our hot tubs are built to give you physical benefits, psychological benefits and general health benefits.

Muscle tension and body aches are alleviated with the combination of hot water and jet massage. The hot water works to warm up your muscles and the jets go to work on those pain points with direct pressure therapy. This relaxes your entire body and increases circulation to help your body cleanse and detoxify.

As your body relaxes, your mind also unwinds and releases ‘feel good’ hormones.

Hot tubs are also known to help with other ailments such as diabetes, fibromyalgia and high blood pressure, to name a few. Always consult your doctor before using a hot tub on a regular basis.

Hot water therapy isn’t new! It's been around for a very long time!

Ancient cultures had bath houses where patrons went to socialize or relieve rheumatism, arthritis and other maladies. People from miles around traveled to these baths.  However, when you have a Nordic Hot Tub in your backyard, you only have to travel a few feet out your back door to experience the relief of hot water therapy!

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Difference #3: Dual Therapy System

What is Nordic’s Dual Therapy System or DTS™?

It’s a combination of Direct Pressure Massage and High Volume Whirlpool Therapy. While other manufacturers have forgotten the benefits of whirlpool therapy, we focus on it!

We use multiple jet sizes with unique configurations in every tub so you receive a unique therapy experience in each seat. Our Nordic Star™ Jets are fully adjustable for customization of your jet therapy. 

Medical and Sports Professionals worldwide use whirlpool therapy for care, recovery and rehabilitation of patients and athletes. They know whirlpool therapy is an effective and efficient healing therapy.

Our Nordic Star™ Whirlpool Jet produces a high volume, circular water flow with gentle, indirect pressure. The powerful whirlpool jet swirls water in the entire tub to gently caress your body with waves of warm, soothing water. This type of hydrotherapy helps muscles relax to release lactic acid thus reducing swelling and soreness.Your body begins to heal and repair itself which can help reduce recovery times. 

With our DTS™, Nordic leads the industry in maximum therapy hot tubs. Why would you settle for something less?

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Difference #4: Affordability

We believe in hot water therapy because we know how much a hot tub can improve your life. The benefits to your health and well-being are real and our goal is to make the world a healthier place, one hot tub at a time! This being our goal, if we over-price our products they will be out of reach for most budgets and our purpose is defeated!

That’s why we have 5 different levels (Series) of price points. From our Luxury Series to Plug-N-Play models we make sure we have the right tub that fits within your budget! Our Luxury Series will be at the highest price point with our All-In-110V being our value priced models. But, even our Luxury Series hot tubs, our most expensive models, compare in price to many other manufacturers low to mid-range hot tubs!

However, there is NO compromising of quality for price so we can ‘save a buck’ in the manufacture of our hot tubs. Our quality remains the same whether it’s a Rendezvous Luxury Series or a Sport All-In-110V, Plug-N-Play. We use the same components in ALL our hot tubs so all you have to worry about is which hot tub to choose!

We also do extensive research to ensure we partner with reputable vendors and dealers who have good business policies and practices in place. This ensures that you, our customers, are served with the highest standards of  integrity, competency, and fair-pricing.

Our Nordic Teams, Vendors and Dealer Partners all work together to maintain high quality standards yet keep moderate price points to provide you Affordable Luxury in every Nordic Hot Tub!

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Difference #5: Superior Quality

Our hot tubs are built with premium components sourced from quality vendors. We look at historical performance and corporate philosophies to carefully choose vendors who are a good fit with our corporate mindset.

Our Production Team Members are experienced - some with over 20 years in the industry. They know how to build hot tubs and work with younger team members to mentor and train them in the Nordic Way of manufacturing.

In fact, our hot tubs are so durable and strong, one recently survived a Cat 4 Hurricane!!

We believe in our products and we stand behind them with our warranty. 

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Difference #6: Reliability

Part of our philosophy is ‘Build it right the first time’!

You can rest assured that the Nordic Team has worked hard to build quality into your hot tub. 

We water test our tubs 100% and, not just once, but twice...AND by 2 different teams of testers!! Some hot tub manufacturers only test random samples of their tubs, we test EVERY one!

By the time a Nordic Hot Tub is on the way to you, we are fully confident of its quality and are proud to have our name on the hot tub and the truck delivering it!!

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Difference #7: We Back It Up!

If we didn’t build to high standards, we wouldn’t…check that, COULDN’T stand behind our products.

Each tub, from a Luxury Series hot tub to a Plug-N-Play model, is covered by the same warranty. No difference! No sacrifice in quality!

  • Lifetime Shell
  • 10 year PermaWood Cabinet
  • 5 year Heater
  • 3 year Component
  • 3 year No-Leak 

Some manufacturers state longer term warranties but they pro-rate them after 3 years. (read the fine print) We don’t do that. Our warranty is what it says it is and we stand behind it.

Again this year, we are one of the few Spa Certified Manufacturers!  This is one of the hot tub industry's highest awards and is earned through our reputation of quality. We can't purchase this award, we have to be ranked highly by our Dealers and Customers.

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Difference #8: What Our Customers Say.....

We know Nordic Hot Tubs are S.T.A.R.s - Simple, Therapeutic, Affordable, and Reliable. But, don’t just take our word for it.

See what our customers say about being a Nordic Dealer or about being a Nordic Hot Tub Owner!

C'mon in! A Nordic Lifestyle is waiting for you! Get into some 'hot water' and experience the Nordic Difference today!

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