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Reinvent Family Night: Stargazing from Your Hot Tub


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You’ve come home from work, dinner has been eaten, and the dishes are put away. You find your kids (and perhaps significant other) lounging in the living room glued to their phones. Looking outside, you see a beautiful, clear starlit sky. Instead of turning on Netflix, use this perfect night to reconnect with your family in your Nordic Hot Tub.

There are many health benefits to owning a hot tub, such as, decreased blood pressure, better sleep, decreased sugar levels, and stress relief. But what benefits can a hot tub have for an entire family?

Build Trust

Building trust takes time. As children get older, you may find that they lean more towards their friends for advice. The more time spent with your children, the more confident they will feel to tell you about their struggles in school, with friends, and their relationships. The bond they will form with you is priceless and will strengthen the trust between you.

Relieve Tension

Tension in the body, or in relationships, can lead to even more problems. With Nordic’s Dual Therapy System (DTS™), you have the advantage of the ultimate therapeutic experience in your own hot tub. Share stories, giggle over memories, and let the jets relieve any built up tension in your body.

Learn Something New

One of the best things about relaxing in your hot tub at night is being able to gaze up at the multitude of stars. You can search for visible planets or satellites with your family. Point out and tell your children the names of constellations. Maybe you’ll even see a shooting star! But it can be more than learning about our solar system. Use this chance to tell your children a story of when you were younger. It may inspire them to open up and relate a story of their own allowing you to learn something about them that perhaps you didn’t know before.

Backyard family bonding can start now. Leave the phones behind and enjoy the night sky in your Nordic Hot Tub. Wondering which hot tub you should pick for your family? Read here and feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.

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