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How to Throw a Social Distancing Hot Tub Party


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Social distancing has become the new norm but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. So what better way to enjoy summer than with a social distancing backyard party? Now’s the time to show off your Nordic Hot Tub to your friends and family.

We’ve created a few tips to make sure that everyone stays safe & healthy, while hosting a fun get together. 

1. Prepare your Nordic Hot Tub 
First, in order to get ready, make sure your hot tub has clean water and proper chemicals. There is nothing worse than a dirty hot tub! In order to keep it clean and sanitized, we recommend using granulated sodium di-chlor. We recommend this because it is a stabilized chemical that dissolves easily and disperses quickly in hot tub water. It’s effective in high water temperatures, economical, easy to use, and readily available at most spa & pool retail stores. Check out our previous blog on preparing your hot tub for spring for more cleaning tips and the CDC website for information on pool and spa water safety.

2. Arrange Seating 
It’s important to keep everyone safe and healthy while entertaining guests. This being said, make sure that all of your outdoor seating arrangements are spaced 6 feet apart. Limit the number of guests at each table to avoid overcrowding (depending on the number of attendees). If guests follow the social distancing guidelines of staying 6 feet apart (unless they are in the same household), then masks should not be necessary while outside in the open air. Additionally, make sure that only a certain number of guests are allowed in your hot tub at one time (if they choose to use it). Follow the maximum number of people that your Nordic Hot Tub accommodates and adjust that number for providing extra spacing (for example, the Encore MS holds 6 people, but you could cut this down to 4 people for the party). This will help make guests feel more comfortable while they enjoy the benefits of your Nordic Hot Tub. 

3. Decorate Accordingly 
Are you going to host a themed party? Whether it’s pirate themed or a tropical luau, the possibilities are endless! Grab your favorite décor and set everything up ahead of time 1 to create a unique, fun atmosphere. Set up some tiki torches or strings of lights to transform your backyard into a peaceful, magical space in the evening. 

4. Arrange snacks and drinks 
Make sure that you set out individual cans or bottles for people to easily grab, with recycling ready for when guests are finished. This will help to prevent the spread of germs, as multiple people touching the same bottles and pouring them into glasses could be an issue. This also creates an easier clean up. For food, prepare snacks in a similar manner. Set out disposable cups, bowls, plates, and utensils with prepared snack mixes or other options, so that guests can grab what they need and throw away/ recycle what’s left over. 

5. Keep hand sanitizer and disinfectants nearby 

If guests must enter your home, make sure that masks are required (you could even provide disposable masks), determine a designated restroom for guests, and have hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes readily available. This will keep your home and guests safe from any potential virus exposure. 

What are you waiting for?! It’s time to plan your next (socially distanced) get together with friends & family to enjoy your Nordic Hot Tub.

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