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Reduce Stress with a Nordic Hot Tub!


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Reduce Stress with a Nordic Hot Tub!

How does a Nordic Hot Tub help with stress relief?

First, let’s talk about stress. Everyone experiences stress in their own unique way.

How does stress affect you? What happens when you get stressed? Do your muscles tense? Does your blood pressure go up? Does your heart race or do you get headaches? Do you have jaw pain from clenching your teeth? Or, do you mentally check out and experience a brain fog? These are only a few of the ways individuals react to stress. (Read more about stress symptoms)

But how can a hot tub help? A Nordic Hot Tub can help relieve stress in a number of ways!

When you enter the warm water of your Nordic Hot Tub, your body becomes buoyant and almost weightless in the water. With this reprieve from gravity, the muscles don’t need to work as hard to support your body, allowing them to relax. Add to that Nordic’s DTS™ (Dual Therapy System), a combination of high volume whirlpool flow and targeted direct pressure jets, you will receive the ultimate, relaxing hydrotherapy massage to further relax you, release endorphins and relieve stress.

Once your muscles have relaxed, you may experience a reduction in blood pressure and begin to feel an overall sense of well-being. If you had a headache when you began your hot tub session, you may notice it beginning to subside as your jaw, neck and shoulder muscles unwind.

As you immerse in the warm water and your muscles release their tension, you will also notice the calming sounds of the water itself as it ripples and swirls around you. If you have the Northern Lights Package™ in your hot tub, you will visually experience the soothing effects of the lights as they gently change from one color to the next.

The humidity of the hot tub will assist in clearing sinuses and opening breathing passages. This helps respiratory health by alleviating sinus pressure and congestion.

An added benefit of soaking in your Nordic Hot Tub, especially later in the evening, can be improved sleep. After a 20 to 30 minute soak session, your muscles are relaxed, your mind has calmed and your breathing passages have opened up, your body is ready to fall asleep. When you experience a better quality of sleep, your body and your mind are better equipped to handle the stressors of everyday life.

Health Benefits is a series of blog posts to provide Nordic Hot Tub Owners with information about how their Nordic Hot Tub can benefit their health. This is not intended to be a comprehensive health guide nor can it be regarded in any way as health advice or a diagnosis. If you have health questions, contact your physician or a trained health professional.

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