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How To Maintain Your Hot Tub Cover

How To Maintain Your Hot Tub Cover
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While Spring and Fall are great times to maintain and inspect your hot tub cover, you will want to check on it regularly to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Your hot tub cover is a very important part of your hot tub! Kind of like the roof on your house! And, you’ll want to make sure your cover is in great working condition so your hot tub is protected and ready to use during the winter months.

Here are a few tips for cleaning and maintaining your hot tub cover:

Keep it clear and free of debris such as branches, leaves in the summer, and snow or ice during the winter. (Did you know snow can weigh up to 21 pounds/cubic foot? Whoa…that’s heavy!)

Carefully lift branches from the cover rather than dragging them to avoid scraping and tearing the surface. When clearing snow, use a soft bristle brush.

As a rule, never stand on your cover or store things on it as this is first of all unsafe but, can also quickly ruin your cover.

Wipe it down regularly to keep it looking new and shiny! Make sure to use a soft towel or sponge and a cleaner made for marine vinyl.

Use a vinyl protectant to minimize cracking and fading.

Check for rips or tears. If you notice rips or damage, contact your Nordic Dealer for advice on how to best repair the cover skin.

Check the stitching to make sure there are no frayed areas or gaps. If you notice areas that are coming loose or where stitches have broken, contact your Nordic Dealer for advice on how best to repair.

When you are finished using your hot tub, make sure the straps are always buckled for safety and security.

Using a cover lifter helps keep the cover free from damage and debris. If you would like more information on cover lifters, contact your nearest Nordic Dealer.

Maintaining your hot tub water chemistry is an important part of cover maintenance! If your hot tub water chemistry is not balanced properly, it could damage the vapor barrier and lead to water logging and damage.

If your cover feels much heavier than it used to, it may be waterlogged. Contact your Nordic Dealer for a replacement.

As always, leave the hot tub uncovered for 30 minutes to an hour after adding chemicals to the water. This will help keep your cover free from chemical damage.

Remember, with just a little TLC you can extend the life expectancy of your cover! A good preventative maintenance routine will keep your hot tub and cover looking good and working great for years!

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