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Help! My Jets Are On Strike!

Help! My Jets Are On Strike!
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Help! My Jets Are On Strike!

HELP! Some (or all) of the jets in my hot tub aren’t working. What do I do?

Let’s cover some basic troubleshooting Tips & Tricks you can do which might just fix the issue before you call your Service Tech.

First, check to make sure the water level in your tub is above the filter level. If the water level is below the filter level, add water immediately!

Next, turn the pump on and turn the flange of each non-working jet to see if it has been turned ‘off’.

Now, turn the Whirlpool Jet ¼ turn and the jets again to see if they are working.

Check your filter to make sure it is clean and free of debris. A clogged or ‘dirty’ filter can seriously reduce jet flow and strain your pump. If it’s been a while since you cleaned your filter, click here for How to Clean Your Filter

If you have recently drained and refilled your hot tub, you might have an air lock. Call your dealer for recommendations to remedy this and prevent in the future.

If you have gone through these basic steps and the jets still are not working, call your dealer for service.

How To is a series of blog posts to help Nordic Hot Tub Owners navigate hot tub ownership. This is not intended to be a comprehensive diagnostic and repair guide nor can it be regarded as a maintenance guide. If you have questions about your Nordic Hot Tub, call your Nordic Dealer and request to speak with their Service Technician.

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