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First-Time Owner Guide: Getting Familiar with the Parts of Your Tub


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First-time Hot Tub Owner Guide

Congratulations  on  your  new  hot  tub!  Whether  you  are  a  first-time  hot  tub  owner  or  just  looking  for  a  quick  refresher,  together  with  our  service  team,  we  have  put  together  a  guide  to  help  you  get  started.

In  this  5-part  series,  we  will  be  breaking  down  5  key  parts  of  hot  tub  ownership:  Registering  Your  Tub,  Getting  Familiar  with  the  Parts  of  Your  Tub,  Chemical  Starter  Kit,  Maintenance  Schedule,  Dealer  Relationship.  Our  hope  is  to  provide  you  with  hot  tips,  learnings  and  easy  to  digest  information  so  you  can  spend  less  time  worrying  and  more  time  enjoying  your  hot  tub!

Get Familiar with The Parts Of Your Tub

If  you  aren’t  already  familiar  with  the  key  parts  of  your  hot  tub,  this  is  the  best  time  to  do  so!  Below,  we  have  highlighted  a  few  features  that  are  most  frequently  asked  about.  We  highly  recommend  reading  through  all  the  features  in  your  owner’s  manual  for  further  detail  and  instruction.  For  any  further  or  specific  questions  about  the  feature  of  your  tubs,  please  contact  your  local  dealer!

  •  DTS  Nordic  Star  Whirlpool  Jets – Your  hot  tub  is  equipped  with  at  least  one  Whirlpool  Diverter  jet  (2  or  4  positions  depending  on  tub  model  purchased),  located  on  the  filter  wall  on  most  models.  These  jets, when  turned,  will  divert  water  to  either  the  Whirlpool  Jet  or  to  different  groups  of  back  jets.  Each  position  is  reached  with  a  90  degree  turn  of  the  whirlpool  jet  face.  It  is  recommended  to  turn  the  face  of  the  whirlpool  diverter  jet  while  the  jets  are  in  low-speed  operation  and  turn  clockwise.  Do  not  force  the  jet  if  it  doesn’t  want  to  turn.  Remember,  turning  your  diverter  will  affect  the  flow  of  water  to  different  seat  jets.  Turn  the  whirlpool  diverter  to  see  which  jets  turn  on/off  in  each  position  and  adjust  to  suit  your  personal  needs.  Pro  tip  from  our  service  team:  If  you  ever  experience  half  of  your  jets working,  the  first  thing  to  check  is  your  whirlpool  jet!
  • Filter – All  Nordic  Hot  Tubs  include  cartridge filter. These filters are an important part to your tub and require maintenance and upkeep. We recommend keeping an additional filter on hand and regular cleaning for best performance. For a list of all of our filters click here!
  • Air controls – Your  hot  tub  will  have  at  least  one  air  control  which  can be  found  on  the  top  coping  of  the  tub.  Air  controls  allow  air  to  mix  with  the  water  which  streams  out  of  your  jets.  Each  air  control  is  responsible  for  a  section  of  jets  or  a  whirlpool  diverter  jet.  In  order  for the  air  control  to  have  any  effect,  the  jet(s)  it  controls  must  be  on  and have  water  flow.  Pro  tip  from  our  service  team:  In  extremely  cold weather  conditions,  it  is  a  good  idea  to  rotate  your  air  controls  to  the  off  position  when  the  tub  is  not  in  use  to  help  maintain  efficiency!
  • Control  pad/Touchscreen– Similar  to  the  filter,  your  tub  will  have  either  a  single  pump  or  two  pump  system  depending  on  your  hot  tub  series.  Your  touchscreen/control  pad  can  be  found  at  the  top,  front  of  your  tub.  As  the  topside  control  pad  is  also  crucial  to  the  start-up  of  your  hot  tub,  we  highly   recommend  referencing  your  owner’s  manual  for  further  instructions.

Have  you  misplaced  the  paper  copy  of  your  manual? Download  our  online  version  here!

Do  you  have  questions  regarding  which  hot   tub  is  best  for  you? Check  out  our  spa options  online or  contact  a  Nordic dealer  today.

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