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Our Exclusive Dual Therapy System – DTS™

Maximum Hydrotherapy Designed Into EVERY Nordic Hot Tub!

What Is DTS™?

Nordic Ozone Systems

From the Beginning.....

From the day we began, Nordic has not wavered in our mission to build the most affordable and therapeutic hot tub line available.

We continue to be the only manufacturer featuring DTS™ (Dual Therapy Systems) in every tub we build! DTS™ is a mix of Direct Pressure Massage and High Volume Whirlpool Therapy which is a gentler, whole body therapy.

Other spa manufacturers have forgotten the benefits of circular whirlpool motion and concentrated on the pressure jets in the seats. Our DTS™ system compliments targeted pressure jets with true whirlpool therapy.

Direct Pressure

Direct Pressure Massage

All Nordic Star™ jets are fully adjustable for direction and water volume control providing you with precision jet therapy.

By using a combination of multiple jet sizes (1”, 3”, 5”) and specific jet placement for back, leg, foot, neck, palm/wrist, and hip massage, we offer a unique massage experience in every seat. We also use different style jets for different therapies such as, pinpoint, directional, pulsating, and dual-rotational massage.

Nordic sets the standard for direct pressure jet therapy by strategically placing our jets for maximum therapy, ergonomics and style.

Whirlpool Therapy

True Whirlpool Therapy is the most effective and efficient form of hydrotherapy. Simply soaking in hot water is therapeutic and soaking in a tub with direct pressure jetting is more therapeutic.

BUT, soaking in a hot tub with true whirlpool action is the most inclusive form of hydrotherapy!

It’s an integral part of the Nordic Difference – that’s DTS™!

Whirlpool Therapy

How Whirlpool Therapy Works

Whirlpool Therapy is achieved with high volume circular flow over muscle regions with indirect pressure. This increases blood circulation, loosening tense tightened muscles encouraging relaxation.

As muscle groups relax, lactic acid will dissipate from the muscle lining reducing swelling and soreness. This will directly increase healing from within your muscles and joints.

When you’re relaxed, your body knows what to do to help heal and repair itself.

“I am a dance teacher, so we use our Encore a lot.”

P. Larson
Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Pilates Enthusiast - Duluth, MN

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Professionals Recognize the Benefits

With these benefits it’s no wonder why Whirlpool Therapy is used by professional sports trainers in locker rooms and by doctors/physical therapists offering water therapy.

Whether it’s square or round, rectangle or triangle Nordic engineers have designed high volume circular water flow patterns into every Nordic Tub.

You’re going to love how you feel after you've experienced a Nordic Hot Tub.

Let's Get You Into Hot Water!

Relaxation is a step away!

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