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Date Night Ideas


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Date Night Ideas

Its date night, and you need ideas.

“Beach trip?” Too sandy.

“Go for a run?” Too tired.

“Netflix?” Seen everything.

Chances are, you found this article because you’re looking for some date night ideas. While deciding what to do on your date night can be hard, finding time for more date nights can be even harder! Kids, work, and family events always seem to get in the way, and when they do, our best option is to stay in and watch yet another movie.

If you’re looking to break up the mundane, and enjoy yourself more often, we suggest spending some time with that special someone in a Nordic Hot Tub.

Here are our top 4 reasons a Nordic Hot Tub is the best place to spend date night.

  1. Relieve Tension From the Day
    • That long day at work is giving you tension in your back and going out seems like even more work. Instead, consider staying home and melting away that tension with your significant other in the 49 soothing jets of Rendezvous LS.
  2. An Oasis Right In Your Backyard
    • The kids are home, and going out means taking them with you. Luckily, your Escape can be only one screen door away.
  3. Save Money
    • Going out for drinks can be expensive and getting all dressed up doesn’t sound relaxing after a long day. Consider investing in a permanent backyard Retreat and some store bought spirits. Your wallet will thank you later.
  4. Reconnect Without Distractions
    • Life gets hectic and distracts us from what’s most important. These days, spending alone time with the one you love is more valuable than ever. The northern mood lighting of the intimate 2 person Bella MS sets the perfect romantic mood and gives you the chance to reconnect with the one you love.

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