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Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide


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Choose The Right Tub For You & Your Family

Are you looking to purchase a hot tub for either yourself or your family? This may seem like a daunting decision, but we are here to help with a few early considerations. Nordic Hot Tubs are the definition of affordable luxury. With 5 different price points to choose from and a variety of options ranging in size, shape, and features/series to best fit your needs we are confident there is something for everyone.

Spa size:

Before you start spa shopping, you will want to choose the best spot for your new tub. Once you decide where you want to place it (whether that be on your patio, porch, or deck), you can take measurements of the space. Then, determine how many seats you will need. If you have a large family or if you plan to invite guests and relatives over, you will want to make room for a larger hot tub with more seats. Fortunately, Nordic offers 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8-person spa options.

Spa shape:

Next, you’ll want to determine which spa shape best suits your space. Nordic spas come in many options. You can choose from a round shape, square, rectangle, rounded rectangle, and a heart/triangle shape. Think about where you are placing your spa and how much room there is to fit your tub – are you trying to save space or accommodate more people? The shapes vary in the configuration of seating and jets, so you will want to take this into consideration as well.


At Nordic, we offer 5 different hot tub series, each consisting of different features. You can choose from the Luxury, Sport, Modern, Classic, or All-In-110V series. From whirlpool therapy jets to the “Plug-N-Play” features of the All-In-110V series, we have options for you and your family to choose from.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each series:

All-In 110V Series:

This value series is designed to be an easy, “Plug-N-Play” hot tub option, while providing our exclusive *DTS™ (Dual Therapy System™). The combination of high volume, whirlpool flow and targeted, direct pressure jets, gives you the ultimate hot water therapy. The All-In-110V Series hot tubs have installed standard features, usually found in top of the line models, such as: adjustable stainless steel jets, LED lighting, ozone, GFCI cord, and our *Nordic Wrap insulation.

Classic Series:

This series is what started the Nordic passion! Classic round hot tubs provide our exclusive *DTS™ whirlpool therapy, with comfortable barrier-free seating. These models accommodate those wanting a simple, hot water therapy solution, at the

best value. Adjustable stainless steel jetting and an LED light are standard in this series. Most models are convertible for 110V or 220V electrical hookups, and the *MLP™ Mood Lighting Package is also an option in this series.

Modern Series:

This series varies in shape and size, to fulfill your needs. Stylish and comfortable models, offering an array of seating capacity, depth, unique layout, and convertible for 110V or 220V electrical hookups. Whirlpool flow, *DTS™, adjustable stainless steel jetting, and an LED light are standard in this series. The *NLP™ Northern Light Package is an option in the Modern Series (except for the Bella).

Sport Edition:

This series is suitable for those who want more jet pressure in their hydrotherapy. These tubs are also found in the Modern Series, but have an increased horsepower to deliver the highest water flow available. Along with more hydrotherapy power, this series comes standard with our *NLP™ Northern Light Package and adjustable stainless steel jetting.

Luxury Series:

This series includes all of the features that you want, while focusing on simplicity and value. These hot tubs have dual pump systems, which provide the absolute best hydrotherapy available. Whirlpool flow *DTS™, adjustable stainless steel jetting, and the *NLP™ Northern Light Package are standard. Top of the line and more affordable than competitors, the Luxury Series speaks for itself.

Customize your spa:

Are you looking for additional tub customizations? Don’t worry, we offer some great package upgrades, as well as custom cabinet and shell colors to choose from. We even offer a natural cedar upgrade that you can select for your cabinet style.

*Pro tip: Our staff recommends choosing your cabinet color first (as this is what you will see first when you look outside) and then, choose your shell color.

Northern Lights Package:

This package is available for the All-In-110V and Modern series (except Bella), and includes:

  • LED backlit Nordic Cascade Waterfall
  • LED Sconce Lighting
  • LED Nordic Star Jetting
  • LED Cup Coasters
  • LED footwell/sidewall light.

Mood Lighting Package:

This package is available for all Classic series tubs, select All-In-110V, and the Bella, it includes:

  • LED Sconce Lighting
  • LED footwell/sidewall light

Do you have questions regarding which hot tub is best for you? Check out our spa options online or request a free quote below.

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