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3 Signs It’s Time To Drain & Refill


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Your hot tub is made to give you the highest level of relaxation and comfort. Ensure your water remains pristine by understanding when it’s time to drain and refill. 

There’s a common misconception among hot tub owners about the frequency at which they should be changing their water. For some hot tubs, the water will only need to be changed once a year. For others, it will need to be changed every three to four months. What it boils down to is the how often you use your hot tub. Keeping the water clean is one of the biggest responsibilities of hot tub ownership. Below, we discuss three simple things to keep in mind and what you should look for to know when it’s time to change your water.

1. Cloudy Water

Unlike swimming pools, hot tubs hold a small amount of water and are kept at a higher temperature. The hardness of your water (or calcium levels), alkalinity, and pH levels are crucial to keeping your water clear. If you have an imbalance of hardness, alkalinity, and pH levels, your water could appear cloudy.

If you notice that your water is no longer clear and you’ve replaced filters as well as checked the chemical balance, it may be time to drain and refill your tub.

2. Smell or Foam

Have you noticed a change in the water such as an odor or excessive foam build-up? Have you’ve tried antifoam additives but they don’t seem to remedy foam from appearing? These are all easy to read signs that you’re in need of fresh water.

3. Check the Calendar & Plan

Do you plan on going away for vacation that will take you away from your spa for an extended period of time? If your tub will not be used for a while, it may be best to drain your water before you leave to prevent bacteria from building up. This way, when you return, you can hop into warm, pure, soothing water.

It’s also important to note the time of year. Tap water in the winter is colder than tap water in the summer. It’s best to do a water change before the winter, such as during the spring and fall seasons.

Before you drain your water, have you examined your filter? We can help you determine how and when you should clean your filter. Read along here.

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