We are the S.T.A.R.s of the Industry!

Our quality and reliability are second to none!

We're S.T.A.R.s...but what does that mean?

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We Focus on Simplicity!

You won’t find any TV’s, vanishing edges or big water spouts in our tubs.

Bells and whistles just drive up the cost of a tub and typically have a higher failure rate.

We use a simple seating pattern with many barrier free options.

We stress quiet, private, romantic or therapeutic hot tub time without all the bells and whistles.

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Therapy is Our Biggest Selling Feature!

DTS™ – Nordic’s Dual Therapy System™, Direct Pressure plus Whirlpool Therapy in EVERY hot tub!

Whirlpool Therapy is the best possible water therapy and is exclusively used by sports trainers, physical therapists and professional athletes worldwide!

Whirlpool Therapy helps remove lactic acid from the muscles, thereby relieving tightness and sore, aching muscles.

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The Best Value in Hot Water!

We are the top selling brand of spa in the $3000 to $5000 price points.

We offer top of the line components made by industry leaders including Balboa controls and Waterway (just like the high-end manufacturers) but they sell at 2 to 3 times our price!



Nordic’s Reliability is Second to NONE!

We water test every hot tub…not once, but TWICE! Once after plumbing and again after insulating!

We glue and clasp every barbed water fitting. We use the same clasp Mercedes Benz uses on their water and air hoses! To back it up, we have one of the best warranties in the industry! (link to warranty page)

“User testimonial on how this product/feature/service allowed them to change/update/improve. Should be extremely valuable and persuasive.”

John Smith
CEO of Awesome

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What Does That Mean For You?

Again, we are not shiny and fancy, but we are 10 times the tensile strength of acrylic. 10 times stronger!

Our shell is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This is the same material used in the tail fin of the F117A Stealth Fighter Jet, in hazardous waste storage bins and in high-end coolers! Google it! It’s used in hundreds of products that require strength and durability.

Most importantly it carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Really, there’s nothing more to say….right?

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