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Mood Lighting Package

For Classic Night Time Ambiance.

Partial Tub 4321

Mood Lighting Package™

Order the Mood Lighting Package™ (MLP) on our round Nordic Hot Tubs, to experience the gorgeous colors dancing in the water while relaxing in the comfort of your hot tub.  

2018 Footwell Light_3489 SQ

LED Footwell Lights

LED footwell lights create a beautiful, transitioning glow from within the water. Choose to have them gently cycle through the colors of the aurora or set them to your favorite color. The refraction and reflection of the lights and the water at night will dance in and around your hot tub to make it a nighttime paradise.

2018 Sconce Blue 0768 SQ

Sconce Lighting

LED sconce lights on the corners of the tub add an ethereal glow around your tub at night, lighting the way and setting the mood all around your tub. Through their gentle illumination they contribute to your safety without harsh spotlighting.


The Mood Lighting Package™ is available as an option in all our Classic Round and All-In-110 Series models.


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