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How To Winterize Your Hot Tub

By: Jane Peeks on October 9th, 2018

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How To Winterize Your Hot Tub

How To  |  General Info

There is something serene and magical about soaking in your hot tub during the winter!

The air is crisp and clear. The hot tub water is heavenly!  Snow is gently falling all around you.  It’s an amazing experience! 

However, if you are closing your house and heading to a warmer climate for the season, please take all available precautions to prevent your hot tub from freezing. 

So, what must you do to winterize a hot tub?


Our advice is to have a hot tub professional winterize it for you.  They have the knowledge, experience and equipment to do this, saving you time and money in the long run. Use the Find A Nordic Dealer Partner button (below) to schedule an appointment.Find A Nordic Dealer Partner

But, if you choose to DIY it, below are the items you will need and the steps you’ll want to take.

Things you will need:

  • 2 gallons of NON-TOXIC (R-V type) antifreeze
  • a strong wet/dry vacuum (shop vac)
  • a turkey-baster
  • 1 or 2 light plastic dishes approximately 5" diameter
  • TIME approx. 2 hours

Here are the steps for Winterizing:

Drain your tub.

Vacuum out any water remaining in the foot-well.

With each jet in the open position, vacuum each jet nozzle until no more water comes out. DO NOT FORGET the small ozone jet in the foot-well.  If your tub has a whirlpool diverter jet (all Nordic Hot Tubs have at least one) hold the vacuum hose over the whirlpool jet nozzle and, with plastic dishes over the suction intakes in the footwell, turn the flange of the jet to each position until there is no more water being drawn out.

Remove your filter, clean it and place in storage until you re-start your tub.

Pour NON-TOXIC antifreeze into the filter canister until it runs out into the foot-well of your tub through the suction intakes.

With the turkey-baster, squirt a small amount of NON-TOXIC antifreeze into each jet. Usually the side jets will take around one ounce, and the whirlpool jets will take several ounces (about 5 squirts per whirlpool jet). DON’T FORGET the small ozone jet that is located in the foot-well of your tub.

Place the cover on the hot tub, and place a tarp over both the tub and cover to help reduce the amount of weather to which your hot tub is exposed.  Tie down the tarp securely taking care not to damage or indent the straps into the cover.

Things to be aware of:

When a tub is drained and left empty, O-rings and pump seals can dry out and loose their ability to seal properly.  When restarting your hot tub, closely inspect for small leaks in the equipment area. If you are unsure of the location of the o-rings and pump seal, contact your dealer for help. The damage caused by o-ring or seal failure is much less expensive to repair when caught early.


Start up:

When restarting your tub, fill the tub and run all of the jets on high speed for 10-15 minutes. This will help flush the residual antifreeze out of the plumbing.

Drain the tub, clean the sides with an approved cleaner, place your filter back into the filter canister re-fill your tub and balance your chemicals.

You may notice slightly more foaming than normal when you first start using your tub. This can be reduced with anti-foaming agents and generally gets better over the first week or two of usage as the filter removes the anti-freeze and organic residue left behind after rinsing and cleaning.

Make sure you check your filter at least weekly and rinse it out as needed for the first few weeks. You may also find it necessary to soak your filter in a filter cleaner after a few days, depending on the level of contaminant left in the tub after the re-start.


How To is a series of blog posts to help Nordic Hot Tub Owners navigate hot tub ownership.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive diagnostic and repair guide nor can it be regarded as a maintenance guide.  If you have questions about your Nordic Hot Tub, call your Nordic Dealer and request to speak with their Service Technician.