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Are Nordic Hot Tubs Great?

By: Jane Peeks on February 4th, 2019

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Are Nordic Hot Tubs Great?

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We think Nordic Hot Tubs are one of the best values in the industry today. 

But, don't just take our word for it, here's what our customers and dealers say about us!  Read on.....

"Nordic Hot Tubs = Quality 

We took out our pool in early spring with the intent of possibly purchasing a hot tub. After doing my homework for several months through-out  the summer, I was convinced that a hot tub from Nordic Hot Tubs in Grand Rapids, Michigan was the best choice available. 

The team at Nordic have fostered a mentality that caters to the primal needs of the hot tub buyer.They build solid, no nonsense quality hot tubs that are super functional, well engineered and beautifully designed. The build quality from a manufacturing standpoint is second to none in this price range.

The average hot tub buyer has endless choices at their disposal, so many in fact, that a lot of folks get overwhelmed and end up putting the purchase on hold. Some actually buy their hot tubs online only to find out that what they believed they may have saved in the initial discounted purchase price, cost them dearly when they looked for support from the provider when something went wrong with tub. 

Everything I researched about the Nordic product line and the team behind it was positive. This is a company that believes in what they produce. They standby their products and they genuinely care about the customer experience, from point of sale, (in my case, via Purewater in Ottawa - one of their trusted like minded dealers) to their after purchase service and support.

We are now the proud owners of an MS Retreat in french vanilla with a black cabinet and clearly...we love it!

I can't say enough about the versatility of this hot tub. The compact footprint is very deceiving, once you settle in, there is ample room for you and your companions to lay back and soak your troubles away.  

If you're seriously looking to purchase a hot tub, do yourself a huge favor and visit a Nordic Hot Tub Dealer.

There are tons of options out there by other manufactures but non of which I believe that are as invested in overall 

customer satisfaction as they are at Nordic Hot Tubs." ~ Andrew Borelli


RandyGentryDog"Nordic is THE best! Best product, best deal, best service bar none. We put a nordic in a couple weeks ago in our new build. If we would have fallen for others' high pressure (put $100 down now or lose this special price bs) Nordic was no pressure, explained everything the best and truly has the best layouts in their tubs and a great $ value! I only wish I could reach all the people that are falling for [others'] bs. Do your homework and you'll land in a Nordic."
~ Randy Gentry

"Owned one of these for 12 years and they are awesome." ~Eugene Emerson


"Great product you have, I Love mine!" - Richard Hammerschmidt


"We can certainly testify to the #Integrity, #Quality & #Value!" ~Dunson Pool & Spa


We purchased the Impulse DP almost a year ago and absolutely love it! My primary interest was as a soaking tub, so the extra depth of this model was very appealing to me. What I didn’t know was just how fabulous the “whirlpool therapy” was. Essentially, you can redirect 12 other jets into this one super-size jet. It is by far the most powerful jet I’ve ever felt in a spa. If you’re not holding on, it will literally push you across the tub! Imagine all that power blasting away at your sore muscles, or the bottoms of your feet! After a hard day of work, a soak in my tub with the monster jet blasting me is incredibly rejuvenating. I unconditionally recommend the Nordic Impulse DP. ~ Ken Tallman


"I have been servicing Hot Tubs for almost 30 years and the Nordic Hot Tubs are definitely the most trouble free and reliable Tubs that I know of. Amazing quality at a great price!!" ~ Paul Walz, Home Innovations


"One of the best investments I have ever made. Love my Nordic Retreat MS." ~ Bonnie Moton


We've had our Retreat MS for about one month. It's been a transformational experience. We both have high stress jobs in health care. The hot tub has helped us to significantly unwind as well as enhance our sleep. Highly recommended. Taking care of the water has been fun and not a big deal. The investment was well worth it. ~ Chad Rivers

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These are just a few comments made by our customers and dealers. Do you own a Nordic? Tell us about it!