My tub has a crack - What do I do now?

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Question: I have a nordic spa and there is a crack in the tub, can you tell me how I can seal it?

Answer: Nordic Hot Tubs hava a life time warranty. We will fix your tub and not charge you for a replacement shell or for the labor. You are required to ship the tub to us. To facilitate any warranty work, we ask the following questions:
  • Have you contacted your dealer? What is the Dealer's Name?
  • Are you the original owner of the hot tub?
  • How long ago did you purchase the tub? Purchase Date?
  • Where is the crack located?
  • Can you send us a photo?
  • What is the hot tub serial number?
When you purchase the tub, make sure our Dealer and/or you register the hot tub. You can register online by clicking HERE.