How do I restart the tub after draining?

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Question: How do I restart the tub after draining?


When restarting your tub, you will want to fill the tub and run all of the jets on high speed for 10-15 minutes. This will help flush the residue of the antifreeze out of the plumbing. Then drain the tub, clean the sides with an approved cleaner, place your filter back into the filter canister, re-fill your tub and balance your chemicals. You may notice slightly more foaming than normal when you first start using your tub, this can be reduced with anti-foaming agents and generally gets better over the first week or two of usage as the filter removes the anti-freeze and organic residue left behind after rinsing and cleaning.

Make sure you check your filter at least once per week and rinse it out as needed for the first few weeks. You may also find it necessary to soak your filter in a filter cleaner after a few days, depending on the level of contaminant left in the tub after the re-start.