Hydro Air ITT Air Control Assembly

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Air Control (Stem) Removal

Hydro-Air-ITT-control-assembly-1 1st turn the air control to the MIN position.
Hydro-Air-ITT-control-assembly-2 2nd If the air control is still in the tub press firmly down on the air control in the MIN position and while pressing down turn it to the MAX position.

If the air control is not in the tub press it between your palms like shown in the picture. And while on the MIN position and pressing the cap down turn the air control to the MAX position.
Hydro-Air-ITT-control-assembly-3 Last. After the 2nd step pull on the cap straight out to see if it has released You may have to repeat the 2nd step 2 or 3 time but the air control cap with core should pull straight out of the body.
Hydro-Air-ITT-control-assembly-4 There is the 3 shown parts in the picture. The core is the only part the normally needs replaced

Left Part – Body Assembly
Middle Part – Ball Check Valve
Right Part- Core (Stem Assembly)

Note: To reinstall the air control core place it in the body on the MAX position and repeat steps above but from MAX to MIN instead.