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We love our Rendezvous Royal and the big whirlpool jets! It is perfect for fantastic hydrotherapy injury treatments. It reminds you of the whirlpool tubs we used when I was in school sports. BUT it's a lot better! The design of the tub is perfect, and it is very easy to put direct flow on any injured joint. The hot tub is one of the focal points whenever we have a gathering in the backyard. Thank goodness we got the largest tub.

Gary and Donna
Brevard County, FL

I have very poor circulation in my legs. I heard that a hot tub can improve blood flow and help ease pain.

My new Nordic hot tub has helped me with my condition.

June M.
Palm Bay, FL

The big whirlpool jet is awesome.  Fantastic hydrotherapy for injuries.  It reminds me of the tubs we used when I was an athletic trainer -  only better!  The design of the tub is perfect.  Easy to get direct flow on any injured joint.

Thanks again for your help in selecting the Bella and moving the order along.  I am now hopeful that I will be ready for the hockey season in September.  I was doubting that would be possible not long ago.

Feel free to use my endorsement for any customers that are wavering.  I am very pleased with the purchase and customer service.  I will spread the word.

Dr. David Strobl
Lansing, Michigan

TO the Nordic Craftmans. What a superb product you manufacture. I'm a manufacturing Engineer so I appreciate a great product made in the USA. I have owned this my Nordic Sport for 11 years and until now I have not have one problem with your product other than to replace the cover. This Tub is exposed to the Missouri outside elments 12 months out of the year. I plan to replace the impeller seal and continue to use the Tub this Winter. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this GREAT product. YOU are Great Craftmans. 

Posted By: William Welborn
Kansas City area

 Entièrement satisfait, depuis que nous l'avons, nous avons découvert un côté thérapeutique à l'utilisation de celui-ci, je me demande comment nous avons fait pour nous en passer, de plus, le prix très abordable pour la qualité du produit. Cordialement... 

Posted By: Jean-Pierre Ouellet
Alma, Qc, Canada

 I'm a recycling Truck driver for our local solid waste company and pick up anywhere from 800 to 1200 houses a day at 53 years old and let me tell you that if it weren't for my Nordic crown hot tub I would be hard pressed to do my job.

After a long hot day of intense work in the south west Florida heat my tub makes all the difference. I used to have one of those entry level tubs but since I got my Nordic nothing else will do. Thanks for such a great American made product.

Posted By: Mike Carello
Venice Florida

 We purchased our Nordic Hot tub back 1998. We just loved it and used it year round. Nothing better than coming home from work sore and tired on a cold dark Chicagoland winter day and step into the relaxing warm waters of our Nordic Hot Tub.

Sadly, while on vacation, a large tree fell onto our unit. Looks like mother nature decided it was time for a upgrade. If not for the tree falling onto the tub, I'll bet we would have seen many more years of service from this model. These are very well made hot tubs and we love the round design. It takes up less room, yet ours could seat 5 or 6 large adults.

Posted By: Melody Carlson
Aurora, IL

 We have had our Warrior Nordic Hot Tub for 11 years now, and we still love it. We have only had to replace a gasket or two in 11 years. Our tub is exposed all year round to cold Ohio winters and hot summers. The shell looks as good as new as well as the inside. We don't need a new one but seeing the upgraded models availible now we just might have to happily upgrade. Thanks for a great product!! 

Date of Posting: 09 July 2010
Posted By: Kristin McGeorge

 I did a lot of research prior to purchasing our Crown XL, and found that it was exactly what we wanted in a spa and it has lived up to our expectations in every way since it was installed. Nordic is amazing, from the delivery to our local Dealer to the Helpful and always Cheerful support they have offered us. It is clear that all their staff take tremendous pride in the product they manufacture. 

Posted By: John Romero
Kansas City Area,USA

 My repairs were completed in a week! They came out to my home, picked up my hot tub, completed the repairs and had my hot tub back on my deck up and running like new again in a week. I was surprised and impressed.  

Date of Posting: 10 June 2010
Posted By: Pete Walsh
Central Islip

 I am the proud owner of a Crown II spa. The quality of the product is outstanding and the price is very reasonable indeed. The local dealer here in Malta, Aqualine, is extremely courteous and provided excellent service throughout the ordering, delivery and after sales phases. 

Posted By: Mark Grech
Malta (Europe)

 Our shell developed a crack. Our sales rep contacted Nordic and an replacement was ordered, delivered and installed with no problems.

We are very satisfied with our Nordic Hot Tub

Brian Lange

Posted By: Brian Lange
Waunakee, WI