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My Tub is Too Hot!

Posted in Tips & Tricks

squirrel hot tub cartoon
It's Summer!  Hooray!!

While that means we are completely out of our Winter Cold hibernation up in the North, it can mean going into Summer Heat hibernation in warmer climates!  

Extremely warm ambient air temperatures can create issues for your hot tub too. After all, a hot tub is a small body of water. If the sunshine and warm temps heat up large bodies of water like lakes and pools, it's only reasonable that your hot tub is affected as well.

Ok, so what can you do when the water in your hot tub is too hot?  

No worries! We have a few things for you to try before you call your local dealer for a service call.

pdfClick Here to download our Tips to Reduce Hot Tub Water Temperature.

Tips & Tricks is a series of blog posts to help Nordic Hot Tub Owners navigate hot tub ownership.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive diagnostic and repair guide nor can it be regarded as a maintenance guide.  If you have questions about your Nordic Hot Tub, call your Nordic Dealer and request to speak with their Service Technician.

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