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What is Balneotherapy?

Posted in Health Benefits

From the Latin word balneum or "bath"

bubbles-thinYou don't need a study, or research grant to prove that taking a nice hot bath sooths and calms.  But if you want a fancy word for bath therapy use: Balneotherapy. 

Now you can tell your husband or wife that you need at least an hour of Balneotherapy after a hard day at work. 

Or you can read about the benefits of balneotherapy from the National Institute of Health (NIH) - see below.

Balneotherapy is different from hydrotherapy, and can also consist of hot or cold water but involves the massage effect of moving water.  Mineral baths at spas for example, can include selenium, silica, radium, sulfur, or even mud.  It is not recommended, however, to put mud into your Nordic spa - it would void your manufacturer's warranty.

From the NIH: "...By using heat, analgesia is accomplished, muscle spasm relieved, and elasticity of periarticular structures obtained. Heat can be used before exercise for maximum benefit. Thermotherapy may be applied as a superficial hot-pack, infrared radiation, paraffin, fluidotherapy, or hydrotherapy. Applications are recommended for 10-20 minutes once or twice a day."  Click Here to read the entire article.