Cost per month to run your Hot Tub.

Posted in Energy Efficiency

Your first month electric bill.

After you purchase your Nordic Hot Tub, you will see a spike in your electric bill. The first months bill is going to be the highest due to the cost off heating the spa from cold to the desired temperature.

Filter Cycle Setting

Another thing to check is the filter cycle. You may also want to make sure the filter cycle is set on 2 or 3. If it is set higher it can cost more to run.

Extra Insulation

Nordic has an option at the time of purchase to increase the internal insulation - called Title 20 (refering to a Calif. state law). The cost for the title 20 given prior is for it to be installed here at the factory as the tub is being built before it is assembled. In order to install it at your home the tub will have to be disassembled the tub, install the insulation and then reassembled it. Check with the Nordic Dealer who to see if they can perform this at your home.