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Nestled along the Erewash River in Derbyshire, England is the picturesque town of Ilkeston.  In the 19th Century, Ilkeston was known as a tourist destination for natural mineral water baths.  Although the bathhouses closed there is still Bath Street which commemorates their contribution to the local economy.

Drawing on the rich spa history of the area and his own ingenuity, Andy Booth founded Wizard Hot Tubs in 1999 and is currently the Managing Director.  He gained experience in plastic injection jet molding while employed by another company, which went out of business.  He was then approached by an American company to continue as a manufacturer and jet supplier for them which he did with great success.  “It was a natural progression for me to open my own store as I was already making the jets and installing the whirlpools,” says Andy.  He clearly remembers selling his first hot tub and is looking forward to another great year!

Currently Wizard Hot Tubs has three distinct divisions to the business.  The plumbing and heating division installs custom baths and heating for both residential and commercial accounts. The whirlpool plastic mold injection division creates the jets for custom hot tubs and baths while the hot tub division sells, delivers and installs hot tubs, both custom and stock, around the country. Of the 20 employees at Wizard Hot Tubs, Andy indicates 6 are dedicated to the hot tub division.

Andy feels Wizard Hot Tubs stands out from the competition because it is a family owned and operated business. “We’ve been a family run business since we opened in 1995,” he says.  “We take great pride in our service and are known as a company that looks after both our suppliers and our customers.”

In 2008 Wizard Hot Tubs felt the sting of the economic downturn.  Andy was keenly aware that the survival of the company hinged on his ability to stay flexible and meet the needs of his customers.  “We went the extra mile to help people out and to stay above our competitors,” he says.  “We made sure we were there when our customers needed us.” Andy feels the flexibility and agility they demonstrated helped Wizard Hot Tubs emerge from the recession as a much stronger company.

This year is already a good year for Wizard Hot Tubs.  “We’ve got a lot happening in the Holiday Lodge industry,” says Andy with a wide smile. “Static caravan parks are putting in hot tubs for vacationers and they can place these parks in areas where you can’t build houses!” He cites how recently he was able to install multiple hot tubs in a caravan park along the shore of Loch Ness in Scotland.  “You can go Nessy hunting right from your hot tub up there!” he says with a laugh.

Andy is very pleased he decided to bring Nordic Hot Tubs into his showroom in 2006. “We love that it [Nordic] has a family feel.  It’s a great company to work with and they have a great product! There are no problems with the shell at all!” he states.  “We also like that, if there are any issues, they are sorted quickly!”

When asked what advice he would offer to other hot tub dealers Andy quickly responds, “Stick with a good product!” He goes on to explain, “Avoid knock-offs or copies of good products.  Buy quality and stay with what works!”

Andy Booth and the Wizard Sales Team can be found on the web, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

      Wizard Hot Tub LogoWizard Hot Tubs ShowroomWizard Hot Tubs' showroom installation of a Nordic Encore LS.
Wizard Hot Tubs Lake InstallationA beautiful Nordic Hot Tub installation by Wizard Hot Tubs.
Wizard Hot Tub Loch Ness Hot TubIn Scotland, you can go Nessy hunting on Loch Ness right from your Nordic Hot Tub! Another gorgeous installation by Wizard Hot Tubs.

Wizard Hot Tub Delvy TruckAnother delivery on its way from Wizard Hot Tubs.