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What makes the Spa & Pool Store in Edison, New Jersey special?  “It’s our experience and customer service!” states Jerry Mako, Retail Store Manager.  “The people in our key positions all have at least 20 years’ experience, so our knowledge base is vast!” he adds with genuine pride.

The Todd Harris Company, parent company for Spa & Pool Store, has been in business for over 30 years servicing both residential and large commercial customers. Beginning small by providing pool service out of his pickup truck, Todd Harris steadily built his company which, today, has 5 divisions and over 50 employees and regularly services accounts within Manhattan and surrounding areas. “We have a construction division, commercial division, and sauna and steam group!  We are a chemical distributor plus we sell pool supplies, hot tubs and chemicals through our retail division.”

Jerry feels that the internet and big box stores have impacted some sales. “If customers are shopping for price point alone, they’ll go to the internet or big box stores,” he says. “However, if they want personal service, knowledge or advice, they buy from us!”  Spa & Pool Store’s Sales Team is focused on making their customer service special. “We know our customers well and are able to troubleshoot most issues quickly. Because of our knowledge, we can custom tailor programs to fit customers’ individual needs.” Jerry adds.

Spa & Pool Store is a newer member of the Nordic Dealer Network, having joined early this year.  Jerry had heard about Nordic some years ago but didn’t bring the line in until recently.  He is pleased with his decision and states, “The thing I like most about Nordic’s is the value our customers get for their money.  I like to say they are a bulletproof hot tub because they don’t break! They have good quality control!” Jerry feels the exceptional quality control is the ‘little extra step’ Nordic takes which makes a huge difference in the reliability and value of the product.  “Oh, and the DTS™ (dual therapy system) sells itself!”

Jerry has this advice for other dealers, “Don’t go into the pool business!” he quips.  He adds quickly, “Just kidding! Seriously, though, try to do the little things for your customers.”   Jerry is convinced that listening to their clients is a huge part of how Spa & Pool Store has grown over the years.  “Listen to what they are telling you.  Positive or negative, just listen!  See what you can take away from it and grow from it.”

Nordic welcomes Spa & Pool Store to our Dealer Network!   Jerry Mako and the Spa & Pool Store Sales Team can be reached through the website or find them on Facebook.

      Spa and Pool Store LogoSpa and Pool Store NordicA Nordic Display at Spa & Pool Store located at 2 Sutton Place in Edison, New Jersey.
Spa and Pool Store DisplaySpa & Pool Store is the place to go for chemicals!