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Situated in Middle Township, New Jersey, Klenswite Pools & Spas is located on the border between the communities of Whitesboro and Rio Grande.  Klenswite owner and current President, Jeff DeVico quips, “We have a road sign on one side of our store welcoming you to Rio Grande and a sign on the other side of our store welcoming you to Whitesboro! Since we are right in between the signs, we like to tell people we are located in Klenswitesboro!” 

Established in 1965 by Frank and Jeannette DeVico, Klenswite Pool & Spa has been a family owned business for over 51 years.  Son, Jeff took over the business in 2007 and has continued to make improvements to the building, grounds and the Klenswite team. “We’re located on the mainland surrounded by barrier island resort towns” states DeVico. “It’s an area with a lot of summer homes and second homes. We have to look good and we have to be good at what we do. It’s what our customers expect.”  

In season, Klenswite Pools & Spas employs around 28 employees but during the winter months they retain 6 people full-time.  They sell in-ground and above ground pools, hot tubs and, according to Jeff DeVico, “anything related to water products.” 

With approximately 8,000 square feet of showroom and warehouse space, DeVico likes to keep the location fresh. He rearranges the showroom seasonally to incorporate pool supplies during the summer and hot tubs during the winter. Their building was originally a local flea market and has a unique ‘U’ configuration, creating a courtyard area in the middle.  For 3 seasons of the year, DeVico moves the hot tub inventory to a big-top tent in the courtyard facing Bayview Road.  “The showroom space is full of pools and pool supplies so I move the hot tubs outside. It gives the feeling of a tent sale but it’s more a matter of space” says DeVico. “We move the tubs out there every spring and move them back in the fall. We call it the DeVico Shuffle!” he says with a laugh.

Klenswite Pools & Spas is committed to having a knowledgeable sales staff. Attached to the showroom is a dedicated classroom to facilitate staff training sessions when manufacturer’s reps come in to town.  DeVico states, “It’s important to keep my staff educated in the products.  But especially for the seasonal help, the re-learning curve goes straight up.” He goes on to say, “Our store manager, Tom, is excellent at what he does and extremely knowledgeable.  He kind of does everything from un-loading hot tubs to sales and delivery.”

DeVico is looking forward to a strong year. “What we want most is warm weather and customers!” he says with a grin. But he is also hoping that the favorable turn in the economy will spark discretionary spending. “I want our customers to buy a pool or hot tub from us first, and then worry about where they are going to put it. We want them to build around our products!”

Klenswite Pools & Spas has carried Nordic Hot Tubs for over 11 years. DeVico likes the Nordic line because they are easy, versatile and, in his words, “Anyone can own one!”

What advice does DeVico have for other dealers?  “Keep your staff educated. You want to be one step ahead of the competition.  And, the internet IS your competition.  Make sure when a customer does their research it leads them to you!”

Klenswite Pools & Spas is hosting a Nordic Truckload Sale beginning on Friday through Sunday, June 9 - 11, 2017. They will be under the big-top tent daily from 8 am through 6 pm with some outstanding hot tub deals! Nordic’s own Regional Sales Manager, Jerry Kisgen, will be on-site to assist with sales and answer questions about Nordic Hot Tubs. 

DeVico and the Klenswite Sales Team can be contacted through the website or find them on Facebook!
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