Le Dipping Parlor

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When your doctor wants a hot tub, what do you do?  You sell him one! This is exactly what led Bob and Debi Smith to open Le Dipping Parlor! 

In 1986, the Smiths owned a plumbing business in El Dorado, Missouri.  They were expecting their daughter and, during one of Debi’s doctor visits, their doctor told them he wanted to purchase a hot tub.  Never ones to turn an opportunity down, they added hot tubs to their product line and sold the good doctor his hot tub!

Shortly after their daughter was born, the Smiths decided to move to a larger town.  “That was rough!” states Debi.  “Having children and moving the company to Springfield, Missouri was hard work!”  Bob agrees it was difficult but they knew it was the right decision for their business.

Le Dipping Parlor sells and services only hot tubs.  “We’re specialists. It’s all we do” says Debi. Servicing hot tubs is something that the Smiths and their team focus on.  Bob states, ”Our new service techs ride with an experienced tech for over 6 months to train.”  In addition, Le Dipping Parlor Service Techs attend annual service seminars to become certified and to keep their knowledge and skills current.  Bob also knows that having a trained service tech in the store is important.  “It saves time for both the customer and for us.  Usually our techs can walk a customer through what’s going on with their tub over the phone which saves both of us a service call!”

The Smiths are very optimistic about 2017 as a whole.  Bob indicates the economy is going well and he’s hoping to continue to the upward sales trend through the end of the year.

As newer members of the Nordic Dealer Partner Network, the Smiths are happy with the Nordic Hot Tubs line.  “The quality and price points are great,” states Bob. “And, as a company they are one of the easiest to work with!”

Bob and Debi know their customers well and have this advice for other dealers. “Be customer friendly! Don’t brush them off because Customer Service is number one,” says Bob.  Debi adds, “Bob’s right. That’s what we always do!  And those personal referrals are key.  Word of mouth is the best advertising and, it’s free if you treat your customers right.”

The Smiths and the Le Dipping Parlor Sales Team can be reached through the website or find them on Facebook.  
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