The Great Soak

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For 17 years, The Great Soak Hot Tub Company has served the mid-Michigan area as a hot tub, sauna, spa accessory and furniture business. 

It began in 2000 when Joel Ladwig was looking to purchase a hot tub for his family.  He came across Nordic Hot Tubs at an outdoor event and, liking what he saw, decided to do more research.  What he discovered sold him on Nordic. Ladwig inquired about becoming a dealer as it seemed to be a natural fit with his water solutions company. Nordic agreed, the initial hot tub order was placed and The Great Soak Hot Tub Company has been a Nordic Dealer Partner ever since.

Building their new location in 2014 on Horton Road in Jackson, Michigan has been a great move for The Great Soak. According to Sean McKnight, Sales Manager for the Great Soak, the previous location was perfect for chemical and water conditioning sales but wasn’t showcasing the hot tub portion as well as they had hoped.  Now, they see traffic of around 10,000 cars per day and have increased sales for both hot tubs and chemicals.  “Our showroom has 11 hot tubs in it, which makes it full but, it really shows the tubs well,” states McKnight.  “Some of our salt and chemical customers walk in and are really surprised to see all these tubs!” he adds with a laugh.

Last year was a good year for The Great Soak but McKnight is anticipating an even stronger 2017. “We are looking at better sales this year due to an uptick in the economy,” states McKnight. “We are constantly monitoring our market to see what our customers are buying and what is trending.” 

Both Ladwig and McKnight put understanding their customers as top priority for the business. “One of the most important things you can do as a business is to understand your market, who your customers are, and what they want,” says McKnight. “We make sure to put our customers in the right hot tub for them for the long term. Customers will tell the world when they are happy or if they are upset. We’d much rather have them be happy!”

McKnight also feels that to be viable in the current market, businesses need to change and adapt to new sales venues.  “We are doing a lot more internet marketing and advertising,” he states. “We have found Facebook ads to be very effective for us.”  McKnight likes that they can market to specific zip codes, age and financial ranges to hone in on their target demographic. 

Recently, they posted a short video that McKnight shot on his cell phone of one of Ladwig’s ‘characters’. After a couple takes he posted the video to Facebook.  Based on the positive response they received they will be doing more of that type of posting.  “We’ve hired a professional production company to make more videos,” says McKnight. “So, stay tuned!”

When asked what he likes most about Nordic, McKnight responds, “Service! The tech service guys there are great! The only time I was able to stump Rodney and Shawn was last year. It involved a cat, kittens and a hot tub….long story!”  McKnight also states that Nordic is the ‘biggest bang for the buck’ in hot tubs.  “We have to do very little service on Nordics,” states McKnight. “I mean, occasionally something goes off but they are, for the most part, very low maintenance.”

McKnight offers this advice to other dealers, “Understand your market and listen to your customers!”

The Great Soak can be reached through the website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
      TheGreatSoakLogoTheGreatSoak Interior1The hot tub showroom at The Great Soak Hot Tub Company in Jackson, MI.
TheGreatSoak Interior3A great Nordic Display at The Great Soak Hot Tub Company, Jackson, MI.
TheGreatSoak SignIt's Hot Tub Season at the Great Soak Hot Tub Company in Jackson, MI.