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Paul Habeck, owner and founder of North Eastern Pools, has been in the pool and spa industry since he was 18 years old.  Right out of high school he dove into pool building and has never looked back. 

According to Craig Friedman, Sales Associate at North Eastern Pools, the early days of the company were spent as a contract building company installing above ground and in-ground pools.  In the mid-1990’s hot tubs were brought in as a complement to the pools.  While the scope of what North Eastern Pools builds is fairly great, they choose to remain focused on pools, both standard and custom, hot tubs, chemicals and accessories.  Friedman says this allows them to do what they do best.

Because North Eastern Pools began as a construction company and grew into retail, Friedman feels this gives them an advantage.  “We don’t do a lot of subcontracting,” states Friedman. “We are a 1-stop shop.”  When customers come in to buy from North Eastern they know they will be dealing with the same company from beginning to end. 

To give customers an up close look at their products, the North Eastern showroom has 30 hot tubs on display along with 1 above-ground pool and 3 in-ground pools.  “Out back we even have a pool park so the customers can see how things will look in their yard!” states Friedman. 

The recession of 2008/9 was quite a challenge for North Eastern Pools according to Friedman.  “We were building around 120 to 140 pools per year and in 2009 we dropped to 65 just like that” he states.  However, North Eastern stayed the course and recovered very well to where they currently have around 50 employees. “We know the business fluctuates.  In 2010 we bounced back to build 96 pools and now, 2016, has been our busiest year ever!”  Friedman says they are looking forward to continuing their growth trend well into next year as he quips, “Who knows, maybe we’ll break another business record!”

North Eastern Pools has been a Nordic Partner since around 2003.  Friedman cites the reliability of Nordic Hot Tubs as one of the key reasons they decided to carry the Nordic line.  “They [Nordic] have a solid service track record” he states.  “They just work!” Along with the reliability, Friedman is also very pleased with the price point.  “Nordic tubs really hit a certain section of our market!”

As one hot tub dealer to another, Friedman offers this advice, “I feel the most important thing is to be able to keep a wide variety of spas on display; dry as well as a couple of running models. Customers need to see how the products work.”

Join North Eastern Pools this coming Friday, September 23 through Sunday, September 25 as they host a Nordic Truckload Sale Event!

For more information, the North Eastern Pools’ Sales Team can be contacted through the website and on Facebook.
      N Eastern LogoNEastern Storefront Use this oneNorth Eastern Pool & Spa located at
101 Ontario, E Rocherster, NY.

NEastern InteriorA portion of the hot tubs on display in the North Eastern Pools & Spa showroom.