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Where do you go for hot tubs if you are in the town of Hilliard, Ohio?  Patrick Hernon, founder and CEO of All Seasons Spas wants to be your ‘go to’ for any and all your hot tub needs.  That is why he chose to keep his product line narrowed to hot tubs. “We are a specialty hot tub retailer,” states Hernon. “And we sell a lot of hot tubs out of our facility.” 

Hernon began selling hot tubs in 1988, the year All Seasons Spas was founded. Through the years the business has grown and he believes it is because they have remained focused on hot tubs, adding only one sauna line to complement the tubs. “We stick to what we’re good at and we don’t want to mix it up!” says Hernon.  All Seasons has a solid reputation which is important to Hernon as he states “We have a lot of repeat business through second time buyers and through friend and family recommendations.” 

While taking calculated risks is part of a growing business, All Seasons has also weathered few unplanned events.  “About 25 years ago our store burned to the ground” states Hernon.  He rebuilt and moved down the street from the original location.  A few years later one of his main manufacturers pulled the line from All Seasons, leaving Hernon with little to sell for the season.  “But, they came back and we’re good” he says with a grin. “It’s just the usual stuff.”

The Sales Team at All Seasons is enjoying a great year so far.  2015 was a great sales year for them too but, as Hernon knows, that only comes through hard work.  “We want to finish up from last year and stay ahead.  But, I know the election will affect the last quarter.”

If you stop in to the All Seasons showroom, you will be greeted with a friendly hello, wagging tail and possibly a wet nose.  One of their greatest sales assets is Leo, the Golden Retriever.  “He’s not so great at running the cash register, but other than that, he’s a great salesman” laughs Hernon.

When asked how long All Seasons has carried the Nordic Hot Tub line, Hernon replies, “From the beginning!”  His favorite things about Nordic are the quality and the price.  “Reliability goes along with quality and Nordic is one of the few companies that appreciates what things cost.”

Hernon has some advice for other dealers.  “Don’t be afraid to take big steps.  We gambled when we built our 2.5 million, 19,000 square foot facility.  We took that big step, took a risk, and it has paid off dramatically.”

All Seasons Spas is located at 4105 Lyman Drive in Hilliard, Ohio.  Hernon and his Sales Team can be contacted through the website or on Facebook.
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All Seas LeoLeo is one of All Seasons' best sales people.