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Nineteen years ago, Margaret and Ed Bell were on the edge of an adventure!

Ed was a Sales Manager for a Harley Davidson dealership in Sarasota, Florida.  He owned a home with a pool but began to experience service related issues with the pool.  Ed had the pool serviced multiple times but, in the end, he fixed the pool himself. When friends found out that Ed knew how to service pools, they began to call him to for their own pools.  Ed and Margaret realized there was a lot more pool service work out there if they were willing to take the leap. It was during this time Ed and Margaret were married and the adventure began.

The Bells decided to partner with another local business person to construct the pools, making Adventure Pools more versatile and responsive to their customers’ needs.  The business was growing and things were going well. It was during a visit to an International Pool and Spa Show in Orlando that things changed for Adventure Pools.  Margaret states, “We saw hot tubs for the first time and we were hooked!”  With the addition of the new product lines, they changed the company name to Adventure Hot Tubs and Pools to more aptly reflect the nature of the business. They are happy with their decision and haven’t looked back.

Currently, Adventure Hot Tubs and Pools offers hot tubs and accessories for sale along with the sale and construction of in-ground pools, decks, backyard enclosures and outdoor kitchens.  They have fully trained service technicians on staff to provide service and training to customers long after the sale.  The customer service aspect of the business is something the Bells take very seriously.  “We are always thinking about what the customer experience will be in 5, even 10 years from now” says Margaret.

The Bells feel that being a family owned business sets them apart from their competitors; that it’s a more personal commitment than being a corporately owned retail store.  As local business owners, the Bells have an investment in the community and work to make it a better place.  Margaret states, “We are people oriented and very involved in our community.”

The economic downturn came to the Sarasota area in 2007. “We were a little ahead of the curve on that” Margaret indicates. “We really had to pull back.  It was tough but we hung in there! Currently, [Adventure Hot Tubs and Pools] is doing well. It still can be tough but it’s not as much of a struggle now.” 

Margaret sees a correlation in the rebound of the housing industry and the hot tub industry. “Hot Tub sales typically lag behind home building" she states.  "A typical hot tub purchase is about 2 years after a home is built.” Due to this, Margaret anticipates a steady growth in sales for the rest of this year and well into 2017.

Adventure Hot Tubs and Pools became a Nordic Partner around 6 years ago.  Margaret is very happy with the line and states that her favorite things are the dependability of Nordic hot tubs, the lifetime warranty on the shell and the relationship she has with the people at Nordic.

The advice Margaret has for other dealers is, “Be true to yourself.  The customers will appreciate that.”

Margaret, Ed and the Adventure Hot Tub and Pools Sales Team can be reached through the website and on their Facebook page.

      Adventure Logo Adventure Bell Family cropThe Bells: Margaret, Kevin and Ed.

Adventure SpaRtlr CoverEd and Margaret Bell were featured in Spa Retailer's Jan/Feb 2013 Edition.