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Home Innovations Spas was founded by Paul Walz in 1990 and has 2 locations.  The store in Lincoln, Nebraska is at 2001 Highway 2 while the store in Omaha, Nebraska is at 13813 Industrial Road.  Employing approximately 8 full time employees, Home Innovations offers hot tubs, swim spas, and a full range of chemicals along with spa accessories.  Walz also services the products they sell and employs 2 fully trained and certified service techs.

Deb Christ, General Manager, says there are a number of qualities that set Home Innovations Spas apart from the rest. “Customer service is the first thing” according to Christ. “Fair pricing is also something we are very aware of. We don’t fluctuate on that very much so when we give a price it’s our very best.”

Having been in the spa industry for over 26 years, Christ feels advertising is always a moving target.  “Knowing the best way to get the word out about our company is very important” she says, “But also we have to pick the best value for our dollar.” With so many advertising options available, Christ knows that narrowing down to the ones that will reach the wider audience is the best choice for them.

Christ is looking forward to continuing their sales growth this year.  What she and Walz have been very excited about is watching their employees step up and grow within their positions. “We continue to emphasize employee training” states Christ.  That gives both herself and Walz a lot more time and freedom to look at the larger picture and develop the longer horizon for Home Innovations Spas.

Becoming a Nordic Partner in 2011 was a great decision according to Christ. “When Pete Westfall (now Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nordic) came into our showroom and told us how reliable Nordic was we thought ‘yeah, right’. But, we can count on our fingers the number of service claims we have had in the past 5 years with Nordic.”

Christ enjoys telling the story of how Westfall really hit it off with her dog, Gia, who happened to be in the store when Westfall came calling. “He gave Gia a squeaky rubber duck and we named it Mister Pete.  Gia and Mister Pete are inseparable. We’ve even given ‘Mister Petes’ to our friends pets too!” Christ states with a laugh.

What advice does Christ have for other dealers in the industry? “Take good care of your customers! They refer their friends!” says Christ. “The goodwill you generate with your customers will come back for sure! Listen to them and don’t confuse them with all kinds of information. Hit the price points they are shopping for.”

You can meet the Home Innovations Sales Team at the Nebraska Sate Fair from August 25 - September 4, 2017!  

Paul Walz, Deb Christ and the Home Innovations team can be reached through the website.
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Home Innovations StorefrontHome Innovations Spas 
at 2001 Highway 2, Lincoln, NE.

Home Inn OmahaHome Innovations Spas Omaha, NE location at 13813 Industrial Road.

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