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The idea to start his own pool business came to Ed Kinney in 1972 while he was working for another pool builder.  He finalized his decision, quit his job and started Kinney Pools.

 Ed tells the story how, on the first day of Kinney Pools, his wife made a sign to put on his car to help advertise.  Ed drove to the neighborhood 7/11 for coffee and before he got back home he already had a week of pool work scheduled. 

Kinney worked out of his garage at first but then rented a building as the business began to grow.  In 1976 he built a new building at 2155 Route 88 East in Brick, New Jersey.  With business still growing, he expanded on the site in the 1980’s. Today, Kinney employs up to 25 people in peak pool season.

Although Kinney began with pools, he expanded to include hot tubs along with the in-ground and above-ground pools, supplies and chemicals.  For a while he also sold outdoor furniture but made the decision to specialize in just pools and hot tubs.

When asked what sets Kinney Pools apart from the competition, Amber LiPira, General Manager replies, “We are family owned and operated.  We have a huge brick and mortar store with a well-educated staff.”  Melanie Durham, Assistant General Manager, concurs, “It’s about a 4,000 square foot building, with an 18 by 36 foot in-ground pool and 2 above-ground pools set up outside with a complete service area.” LiPira adds, “After so many years [in business] it’s hard to come across something we are unfamiliar with!”

As with most brick and mortar stores, Kinney Pools is beginning to see an increase in competition from internet pricing. When asked how they overcome this obstacle, Durham states quickly, “With Service!”  She goes on to explain, “We back everything we do.  If our customers have an issue with something we are right there the next day.  We’re here to stay!”

Both LiPira and Durham are excited about 2016. They are already full-swing into the pool season and they know it’s going to go up from here. They are both looking forward to an increase in sales and building up the in-ground and hot tub departments.  “We just want to keep our customers happy!  That’s the most important thing!” adds Durham.

Kinney joined the Nordic Family in 1996 and feel the Nordic line is a great fit for the store and their customers.  LiPira states, “[Nordic tubs] are a simple yet functional hot tub.  The limited number of complaints and servicing required make this a perfect fit for us.  They are resilient tubs!”  Durham agrees and adds, “We also appreciate the exclusivity Nordic gives its dealers.”

If Durham could give advice to other dealers she states, “It’s all about Customer Service! We have a fantastic team that gives great customer service.  Ed treats us like family and that makes us want to do our best for him and our customers.”

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      Kinney Logo Kinney Pools People 2Left to Right: Ed Kinney, Founder and Owner;
Amber LiPira, General Manager;
Melanie Durham, Asst. General Manager.

Kinney StorefrontKinney Pools located at 2155 Route 88 East in Brick, New Jersey.

Store IIThe Showroom at Kinney Pools.

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