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Aqua PS Michael Cropped        Mike DareIn 1999 Mike Dare and Kerry West decided it was time to open a pool and spa company. “We’ve been the same company, doing the same thing at the same location for 17 years” states Mike, co-owner of Aqua Pool & Spa Pros in Lindenhurst, Illinois. Selling and installing above-ground and in-ground pools, hot tubs and all the supplies keeps them busy. “We have up to 15 employees when we are in peak season” adds Dare.

Aqua Pool & Spa Pros is family owned and operated, “like most small brick-and-mortar companies” says Dare. “We have a great staff with an average tenure of 9 years.  That really helps us service our customers.” He credits the knowledgeable and well-trained staff for the loyal customer base Aqua Pool & Spa Pros enjoys. “We are a service company first and foremost” says Dare. “We service everyone’s products.” He feels this gives him the ability to determine which products to carry. His customers tell him which products they are happy with but his Service Staff tells him which products are the most reliable. Dare listens to the input from both when making decisions on what product lines to carry.  Based on that, he feels he offers some of the best products in the market.

Mike indicated that the recession of 2008 was one of the most challenging times in the history of Aqua Pool & Spa Pros.  “Service got us through it” He states. “We came through pretty strongly, we even increased our service business which helped re-build our retail” He adds.  Also, being diversified in product lines helped him maintain throughout those few years.

When asked what he is looking forward to this year Dare quickly responds with a laugh, “Warm, dry weather!” He adds, “It’s been cold and wet for a couple of years now.  We could use an ‘average’ spring!”  Dare already sees an uptick in spas sales within the last few weeks. “We can see people have recovered. They are either buying new or replacing old.” He is hoping the trend continues throughout the rest of the year.

“Nordic is a great company to work with” states Dare. “The communication is excellent and the products are extremely reliable.” He knows that when he sells a Nordic Hot Tub he will have reduced service costs involved in that sale.

Dare encourages other dealers to be great service companies. “Take care of your customers because, in this day and age of technology, the word of mouth will help - or not - to build a loyal customer base.”

This coming weekend, April 22 – 24, 2016, Aqua Pool & Spa Pros will be hosting a Nordic Truckload Sale. There will be a HUGE selection of Nordic Hot Tubs for this cash-and-carry sales event. A Factory Representative will also be on site to help answer questions about Nordic Hot Tubs.

Aqua Pool & Spa Pros can be contacted through the website  or find them on Facebook
      Aqua PS LogoAqua PS InteriorThe Interior display at Aqua Pool & Spa Pros, 2060 E Grand, Lindenhurst, IL.

Aqua PS Nordic DisplayA Nordic Hot Tub on display at Aqua Pool & Spa Pros.