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Midnight Sun PhilPhil Nyhusmoen"I started selling Nordic Hot Tubs the day Bill Gibson walked into my 'tent' and told me I was going to sell his hot tubs and there was no way around it!" says Phil Nyhusmoen, owner of Midnight Sun Pools n' Spas. "I agreed with him - you did not disagree with Bill Gibson!"

From the humble beginnings of a tent at his first location, which he established just after his high school graduation, to locations in both Bemidji and Brainerd, Minnesota. Phil has weathered a lot during his 22 years in business.  Midnight Sun Pools n’ Spas sells in-ground and above-ground pools, hot tubs and patio furniture. They also build and sell saunas and custom saunas.  Phil currently has 12 "hand-picked and carefully selected" employees and is very proud of the Service they afford his customers.

“Since I started the company as service based, I have always put our service department before sales” Phil shares. He and his staff work very hard focusing on both sales and service aspects. “It’s a fine line as retaining qualified service professionals is difficult. What sets us apart is our longevity in the market and the fact that we are consistent and stable.”

Over the last 22 years Phil states the biggest obstacle he has had to overcome has been the recession.  However, he used the downturn to his advantage by working smarter. “During the recession we were able to buy commercial property, build showrooms and a warehouse” says Phil.  “We had them completed by the end of 2011.” 

Phil is looking forward to the upcoming selling season. He enjoys competition as it motivates him to be best of the best. “We will be HERE!” states Phil. “We have no plans for expansion beyond our local area of northern Minnesota.” The Midnight Sun team is invested in their community. “We give back locally and love seeing our customers out in public!” states Phil.

When asked what he likes about Nordic Phil responds, “My absolute favorite thing is their longevity and consistency. Just like Midnight Sun Pools n’ Spas, Nordic has been the same company since day one and has consistently done business correctly, honestly and aggressively.”  

Phil is looking forward to the next generation joining his business.  “My kids are growing up in our business” he states. “Just a few minutes ago, one of my twin boys explained to me how to test the PH of the hot tub water!”  However, one of the best decisions Phil says he’s ever made has been “accepting my wife, Abbey, into the business. By involving family in the business, it has given me a chance to build other businesses outside of our area and prosper beyond just our region.”  Phil recognizes that many new ideas have come from the ‘family’ dynamic and has enabled Midnight Sun Pool n’ Spas to stand out from the crowd.

Midnight Sun Pool n’ Spas can be found through the website or, find them on Facebook.

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Midnight Sun over the Midnight SunThe midnight sun over the Midnight Sun Spa Location at 3411 Hannah Ave NW in Bemidji, MN.

Midnight Sun TentThe very first location of Midnight Sun Spa.
Midnight Sun Brainerd StorefrontThe Brainerd Location.
Midnight Sun Kids in TubThe next generation of Midnight Sun Pool n' Spas.