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earl and danielle croppedEarl & Danielle ShaloskyAAA Spa & Pool Services, owned by Earl and Danielle Shalosky, is located on the corner of Maple Avenue and Brown Street in Zanesville, Ohio.  Earl and Danielle started the business 15 years ago in their house and, after a couple of moves within the Zanesville area due to the growth of their business, they decided it was time to build the store they had always dreamed of.  They purchased the corner lot just down the street from their location, built a beautiful 2-story structure and moved in during March of 2013. “Our new store was showcased in Spa Retailer Magazine in the November/December issue 2 years ago” says Earl with a chuckle. “The grass wasn’t even in yet!” (Link to the article)

AAA Spa & Pool Services is a full service dealer and installer of above-ground pools, in-ground pools, saunas, spas, billiard tables and grills.  “We don’t just sell big-ticket items and send the customer home.” states Danielle. “We’re there through the purchase and for years beyond!”   This is one of the reasons they have grown even through the economic downturn. “When we started out there were 5 pool and spa dealers in Zanesville,” says Earl. “Now, we’re the only one!”  Danielle adds,” We are here to service, support and help maintain the integrity of our customers’ investment.”

Building pools and installing hot tubs, saunas and pool tables is something the Shaloskys love to do.  When asked what their biggest challenge is currently, Danielle is quick to respond, “Finding employees that are able to provide the service we feel our customers deserve!”  They are selective in their hiring process and that has made it stressful for them personally.  Their current staff is very knowledgeable, well-trained and capable of helping customers in every aspect of pool and spa sales or service.

Earl and Danielle are looking forward to the 2016 season.  They view the work they do as bringing families together. “We aren’t just selling a product, we’re providing new opportunities to unwind, relax and reconnect” states Danielle.  “We want to help more families and friends connect by spending quality time at home!”

AAA Spa & Pool Services became a Nordic Partner approximately 10 years ago.  Both Earl and Danielle are happy they made that decision as it fills a niche within their market. “They [Nordic hot tubs] are well made tubs that don’t break the bank” says Danielle.  Earl adds, “Our technicians hardly ever get called out to work on a Nordic!”  Less service work is something that makes Earl and Danielle happy as it fits in with their strategy of carrying the best products.

When asked what advice they could give to other dealers, Earl quickly quips, “That’s kind of the secret, isn’t it?”  He goes on to say, “Naw, just keep a positive attitude! Take care of your customers!”  Danielle adds, “Have high expectations! Don’t settle for second best.  ALWAYS strive to deliver the best experience.” That’s great advice!

Earl and Danielle can be contacted at AAA Spa & Pool Services through their website or find them on Facebook.

      AAA Logo AAA BuildingAAA Spa & Pool Service Storefront.

AAA Spa LotThe corner of Maple and Brown before Earl and Danielle transformed it into AAA Spa & Pool Services location.

AAA InteriorThe interior of the AAA Spa & Pool Services showroom.

AAA pool school night croppedPool School Night at AAA Spa & Pool Services.