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Jeff Simons  Jeff SimonsJeff Simons has been in hot water since he was 15. Starting at Viscount Pools as a stock boy and working his way through the ranks, he now co-owns Viscount Pools, Hot Tubs and Pool Tables with business partner, Mark Moore.  “But, it isn’t just Mark and I as owners” states Jeff, “My wife Andrea, and Mark’s wife CJ, are owners with us!”

Viscount has two locations, All 4 Family Fun, at 36568 Groesbeck in Clinton Township, and Total Family Fun, at 27795 23-Mile Road in Chesterfield Township, Michigan.  With 12 employees, they sell in-ground and above-ground pools, pool tables, hot tubs, game room furniture, Bull grills, accessories and a full range of chemicals. This keeps Jeff, Mark and their team quite busy but, as Jeff states, “We wouldn’t want it any other way!”

Jeff feels the personal service they give customers sets Viscount apart from the crowd.  “When you buy a pool table or hot tub from us, you get an owner on-site with every delivery!” he says.  “We install every hot tub and pool table.  We have a crew that builds the pools but I like to go out as the business owner and train the new pool owners on-site on how their pools work.”  Viscount also offers this type of personal after-care for hot tub owners.  “I usually don’t go out to train people about their pool tables though. Pool tables don’t need much explanation, they need practice!” laughs Jeff.

Doing business about 30 miles north of Detroit has its challenges.  “We struggle with the labor market” states Jeff. “It’s harder to find and keep good people – people that want to work.”  The economic climate has also affected their business as the area is heavily based on the auto industry. “But it’s rebounding,” Jeff adds quickly. “We’re seeing great sales and that’s how we became number one in North America!”

Jeff is looking forward to a great year.  “Our goals are to raise our numbers in all categories and keep giving customers great quality service!” says Jeff. “And we could use a hot, dry summer!” he laughs.  But regardless of the weather, Jeff, Mark and their team are going to have fun!

Viscount carried the Nordic Hot Tub line some time ago but had to switch to another line through a merger of hot tub manufacturers.   In 2015 Jeff  was approached by a Nordic Rep and they happily rejoined the Nordic Dealer Network.  Jeff likes Nordic for a few reasons.  "Number one is  the quality of the product. Second is that it  is made in Michigan. And, third because the staff is always friendly and helpful," he says. 

Jeff gives this advice to other Nordic Partners, “Embrace all the differences of Nordic. The  HDPE shell, DTS™, poly bottoms and T-20 insulation are big differences!  And, that’s what makes them great!” 

Friday, May 19 through Sunday, May 21, 2017 Viscount will host a Nordic Truckload Sale Event at  the All 4 Family Fun/Viscount store at 36568 Groesbeck in Clinton Township.  Join Mark and his team for great pricing on a great  selection of Nordic Hot Tubs.

Contact Jeff, Mark and the Viscount Sales Team through the website or find them on Facebook.

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