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Don Portrait croppedDon AdamsClearwater Spas is situated in the town of New Castle, Delaware right along the Delaware River. Don Adams founded the business about 30 years ago after he bought a used wooden hot tub and needed to service it. There was no one to help him so, being the engineer that he is, Don figured it out!  Others soon heard of his ability to fix hot tubs and he formed his own service company. The little company grew into what has become Clearwater Spas today.  “Service is still a huge, underserviced aspect of the market,” states Don.  “Our niche is that we offer same day service on what we sell!”

Employing 3 full-time employees, Clearwater sells hot tubs, saunas and barbeque grills.  However, the hot tub sales have expanded and now account for the majority of his sales.

Clearwater has a stellar reputation for great customer service. We are good at what we do! We have over 300 5-star ratings on our website!” says Don proudly. “Most of our business is from word-of-mouth and personal referrals.”

Don is a veteran in the retail hot tub industry and understands the associated challenges.  Sometimes local permits can be tricky to obtain but knowing how to avoid those pitfalls is one of the things that has helped give Clearwater Spas its longevity.  Don also knows that when customers are strictly price-shopping he can be undercut by big-box stores.  However, he is quick to point out that once he is able to help a customer see the value of his personal sales and service, he usually closes the sale.

Clearwater Spas has just had its best year since 1994!  But, Don isn’t resting on that for very long! His goal for the coming year is to keep concentrating on what he does best, selling hot tubs! He already has a plan in place to increase his marketing and he has committed to hiring more staff.

Don likes carrying the Nordic line of hot tubs because he feels it is an outstanding company to work with.  The reliability of the Nordic products makes life easier from both sales and service aspects.

“I don’t usually give business advice,” states Don. However, he goes on to say that giving the best customer service is really the most important aspect of business.  Don says “Running a business isn’t rocket science…it’s just good customer service!”

For more information, contact Don at Clearwater Spas or find them on Facebook!

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Clearwater Storefront croppedClearwater Spas Storefront
226 Churchmans Road in NewCastle, Delaware

Goodridge Del 001A beautiful new installation
by Clearwater Spas

by Clearwater Spas

Spruance Del 001Another new installation by Clearwater Spas