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The Hot Tub Store was founded almost 22 years ago in Waynesville, North Carolina. Paul Alfano purchased the store 12 years ago and loves being in the hot water business!  He sells hot tubs, saunas, high-end outdoor furniture, accessories and chemicals.  Paul and his crew deliver, install and do service work on the products they sell.

The store displays 25 hot tubs in the 5500 square foot showroom at 1478 Dellwood Road, West.  With 2 full-time employees, Paul is very proud of the quick response time he can give to his customers. Paul states, “We do many things very well here! Our company is known for exceptional sales and customer service.” His lead Service Tech has over 15 years’ experience in the field and knows just about everything there is to know about hot tubs.  So much so, that his nickname is Yoda!  

“Our sales are consultative sales” says Paul. “We ask questions, determine needs and fulfill those needs based on what the customer tells us.” Paul knows that listening to his customers, gives him the insight to make better suggestions to fill their wants and needs.

The thing that Paul finds the most challenging for The Hot Tub Store is finding the balance between keeping his expenses in check while still maintaining cost effective pricing for the products.  He often has to work within governmental guidelines and, while they can be challenging, he knows how to problem solve to achieve that ‘workable solution’.

2015 was the best year in The Hot Tub Store’s history! Paul states that they are “already up 35% from last year’s January!” He feels the trend should continue throughout the year and he is excited to see what 2016 brings! The aspects Paul plans to work on are improving their social media presence and enhancing digital marketing.   

The Hot Tub Store has been a Nordic dealer for their entire history and Paul doesn’t foresee that changing. “Nordic is easy to do business with. As a company, Nordic is responsive to their dealers’ needs” states Paul. “Their products are reliable!” He also likes the fact that when Nordic tubs are delivered, they are relatively easy to unload and deliver to his customers.

If he could make suggestions to other dealers, Paul says, “Display those products! Give your customers a wet and dry hot tub demo that they can see, feel, sit in and try before they buy!” Paul also feels that while his stated store hours are 6 days a week from 9 to 5, it is important customers know they can call to make appointments with him outside of those hours.

Paul also encourages dealers to develop and take advantage of other digital marketing opportunities. If you would like to talk to him about what he has done to monetize his website, please contact him!

The Hot Tub Store and Paul Alfano can be contacted at their website or visit their Facebook Page.


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