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JimJim TreeseCape Cod Aquatics Pool & Hot Tubs was founded by Jim and Michelle Treese nearly 14 years ago.  Located in the picturesque resort town of Harwich, Massachusetts, Jim sells hot tubs, accessories and chemicals and installs in-ground fiberglass pools. Depending on the season, they employ up to 6 people.

Jim is very proud of the quality of after-sale care and service he and his staff provide.  “We work on all makes and models,” states Jim.  Cape Cod Aquatics has an outstanding reputation in the area and it’s mostly by word-of-mouth referrals.  “We have become the ‘go-to’ hot tub and pool people!” says Jim with a smile.  He credits their 2 highly skilled service technicians as some of his best sales people.  His customers know they are in great hands during the sale and especially after.  “That makes all the difference!” he states.

The seasonal aspect of a resort area can sometimes be a challenge and Jim understands the cycle all too well.   Cape Cod Aquatics experiences an explosion of activity in spring and summer when the resorts and summer homes are re-populated.  Jim states there is a slowdown around late summer but activity spikes again in fall, when customers want their hot tubs and pools closed and winterized.  “You just have to be prepared for the long winters here,” says Jim. “We’ve learned to manage the down time.”

Cape Cod Aquatics had a great 2015 and Jim is looking forward to a very busy 2016. “Our goal for this year is increased hot tub sales and growing our service aspect even more by expanding our client base.”

Having joined the Nordic Family in 2004, Jim states Nordic Hot Tubs is one of the most dealer-friendly companies….ever! He is pleased that, when he calls Nordic, he gets a ‘live person’ and straight, honest answers…every time. “Our history with Nordic means that we are a dealer for life!” states Jim. Nordic Hot Tubs are at a great price point for his market too.  Jim says, “They [Nordic Hot Tubs] practically sell themselves and they don’t break down!”

What advice would Jim give to other dealers? “You have to believe in the product you are selling. If you don’t, you convey it.  Also, you’ve got to back it up!” says Jim.  Another thing he advises, “Keep it light! If you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing….go sell copiers!”

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Potted UP 7261A beautiful installation by Jim Treese, Cape Cod Aquatics.

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