All 4 Family Fun

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Jeff Simons  Jeff SimonsJeff Simons has been in hot water since he was 15. Starting at Viscount Pools as a stock boy and working his way through the ranks, he now co-owns Viscount Pools, Hot Tubs and Pool Tables with business partner, Mark Moore.  “But, it isn’t just Mark and I as owners” states Jeff, “My wife Andrea, and Mark’s wife CJ, are owners with us!”

Viscount has two locations, All 4 Family Fun, at 36568 Groesbeck in Clinton Township, and Total Family Fun, at 27795 23-Mile Road in Chesterfield Township, Michigan.  With 12 employees, they sell in-ground and above-ground pools, pool tables, hot tubs, game room furniture, Bull grills, accessories and a full range of chemicals. This keeps Jeff, Mark and their team quite busy but, as Jeff states, “We wouldn’t want it any other way!”

Jeff feels the personal service they give customers sets Viscount apart from the crowd.  “When you buy a pool table or hot tub from us, you get an owner on-site with every delivery!” he says.  “We install every hot tub and pool table.  We have a crew that builds the pools but I like to go out as the business owner and train the new pool owners on-site on how their pools work.”  Viscount also offers this type of personal after-care for hot tub owners.  “I usually don’t go out to train people about their pool tables though. Pool tables don’t need much explanation, they need practice!” laughs Jeff.

Doing business about 30 miles north of Detroit has its challenges.  “We struggle with the labor market” states Jeff. “It’s harder to find and keep good people – people that want to work.”  The economic climate has also affected their business as the area is heavily based on the auto industry. “But it’s rebounding,” Jeff adds quickly. “We’re seeing great sales and that’s how we became number one in North America!”

Jeff is looking forward to a great year.  “Our goals are to raise our numbers in all categories and keep giving customers great quality service!” says Jeff. “And we could use a hot, dry summer!” he laughs.  But regardless of the weather, Jeff, Mark and their team are going to have fun!

Viscount carried the Nordic Hot Tub line some time ago but had to switch to another line through a merger of hot tub manufacturers.   In 2015 Jeff  was approached by a Nordic Rep and they happily rejoined the Nordic Dealer Network.  Jeff likes Nordic for a few reasons.  "Number one is  the quality of the product. Second is that it  is made in Michigan. And, third because the staff is always friendly and helpful," he says. 

Jeff gives this advice to other Nordic Partners, “Embrace all the differences of Nordic. The  HDPE shell, DTS™, poly bottoms and T-20 insulation are big differences!  And, that’s what makes them great!” 

Friday, May 19 through Sunday, May 21, 2017 Viscount will host a Nordic Truckload Sale Event at  the All 4 Family Fun/Viscount store at 36568 Groesbeck in Clinton Township.  Join Mark and his team for great pricing on a great  selection of Nordic Hot Tubs.

Contact Jeff, Mark and the Viscount Sales Team through the website or find them on Facebook.

      ViscountLogo clinton twp storeClinton Township Location.

Viscount Chesterfield StoreChesterfield Township Location.

Clinton Twp CrewJeff and the Team at Viscount are ready to help.

Chesterfield Sales FloorShowroom at the Chesterfield Township location.


Raft to Rafters

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Matthew MillerMatt MillerMatt Miller knows that when you start in the spa business, you don’t leave the spa business.  His grandfather, Lorin Johnson, started Raft to Rafters in Columbus, Indiana in 1974 and Matt began working for him in the field, when he was 14. Matt left to complete a degree in Aviation at Purdue University and worked as a commercial pilot for a number of years. However, when Lorin’s health dictated he step back from the business, Matt returned to Columbus to help, and ended up purchasing Raft to Rafters in 2012. Matt says with a laugh, “I had never ordered anything before in my life!” 

Raft to Rafters offers in-ground and above ground pools, hot tubs, chemicals and toys.  Matt has expanded the business to include outdoor furniture, grills, gas fireplaces and fencing.  They even have a landscape architect on staff! His goal is to be a one-stop destination shop for his customers.

Before Matt took the helm at Raft to Rafters they were selling “about 1 tub per year” says Matt.  “In 2012 we sold 16 tubs, 2013 we sold 39 and in 2015 we sold 65!” That growth is driven by Matt’s leadership, having the right people in the organization and a vision for the future.  Matt takes being a business owner very seriously.  “We have 16 full-time employees” states Matt.  He is keenly aware that they depend on him for their livelihood. 

Matt strives to build relationships with his customers and his employees.  The proof is in the longevity of service of his staff and the return business from his customers. “We know our customers on a first-name basis” states Matt.  “We even had customers come in and say, ‘Where’s my wedding invitation?’ in 2015 when Lisa and I got married!” 

Finding great people to work on his team is very important to Matt.  He knows they are his ‘face’ to the customers.  Occasionally he finds it challenging in the current labor market.  “They [the employees] have to be interested in working.” says Matt. “We want to find good people who want to make it a career.  We take good care of our employees.” 

Raft to Rafters is looking at a great 2017.  Matt is excited about the people he has in the key positions of Store Manager and Service Manager.  He has recruited “top notch” people and is looking to expand into multiple locations over the next few years.

In 2012, when they brought on the Nordic Hot Tub line, Matt was impressed that a Nordic Sales Rep came in and trained him and his staff on selling techniques.  “It made such a difference just having that contact!” states Matt.  He is also pleased with the price point of the Nordic line in his market.  “The tubs look good. The synthetic cabinet, DTS and whirlpool action are all great selling points along with being made in the USA.”  Although his service calls with Nordic tubs are minimal, he is very satisfied with the responsive Service Techs at Nordic. “Oh, and the drivers are awesome!” adds Matt “They go above and beyond!”

Matt’s advice to other dealers is, “Choose your manufacturers for their quality and support. It’s not about the cheapest product.  Find a partner – like Nordic is - because the warranty is only as good as the people standing behind it.” 

Raft to Rafters will be hosting a Nordic Truckload Sale from October 5 - 7, 2017.  Join them for great savings and get yourself into some hot water during this annual event!

Find Matt and the Raft to Rafters team at their website or on Facebook

      Raft2RaftersLogo October annual sales event1Raft to Rafters located at 5780 25th Street, Columbus, Indiana

Truck 1A delivery in progress by the Raft to Rafters Team.

installationA beautiful installation by Raft to Rafters.

Mae PackMae Pack is having a little summer fun at Raft to Rafters!


Skipper's Pool & Spa Service

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Skip and Rita CropSkip and Rita Hatfield After working in the pool and spa industry for over 28 years in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Skipper Hatfield saw an opportunity and decided to take the plunge, so to speak. 

In 2009, he opened Skipper’s Pool and Spa Service, a full service pool and spa company, located at 1018 North Dixie Avenue, Elizabethtown, KY.  The following year, after retiring from a career in health services, Rita (Skip’s lovely wife) joined the business to help with the sales and administration. 

Today, with 11 full-time employees and additional seasonal workers, Skip offers a full range of products and services in above and in-ground pools, hot tubs, chemicals, pool toys, accessories and grills. He also has full time, trained and certified service technicians to make sure his customers are happily enjoying their pools and spas.

Skip feels his service is what sets his business apart from the crowd.  “It all revolves around service!” he states. His techs are trained and certified in all aspects of pool and spa maintenance and repair.  “Our techs do more service than anything.  They’re experts…some with 35 years in the business.” states Skip. His customers also know that when they purchase from Skipper’s the products will be backed by professionals.  “We have a good reputation here,” says Skip. “It’s by word of mouth, everybody knows everybody and they know I’m here to back it up.  I’m not going anywhere!”

Skip knows the challenges of being a small business owner.  It wasn’t easy setting up the business in the economic climate of 2009. Banks and suppliers were hesitant to extend lines of credit but Skip was determined to make things work. “Everybody said I was crazy to open in 2009 but my customers knew me and followed me.” says Skip.  “I don’t take that for granted.  I thank God every day because you don’t know what tomorrow brings!”

This year is going to be a good year for Skipper’s.  Last year Skip took time to organize the business, sent his staff for additional training and added another Service/Delivery truck.  He considers this a good investment because he knows he has great people in place to take the business into the future. “I’d be nowhere without the great group of guys and ladies working for me!” says Skip with genuine pride in his voice.  “We’re going to grow more.  We’re prepared! It’s a good problem to have!”

Skipper’s Pool & Spa Service became a Nordic partner in 2010 and Skip feels it was a good decision. “Nordic [Hot Tubs] have a good name. They’re well-built and do everything the customer wants at a good price point!” says Skip. “I hardly work on Nordics…and we’ve sold a lot of them! If I don’t have to work on them it’s a good thing!”

What advice would Skip give to other dealers? “Do what you say you’re going to do!” he quickly responds. “Get as much knowledge as you can on what you sell.” Then he goes on to say, “Communication with customers is key!  Customers want to talk to a straight up person and know you’re going to do the right thing.”  Skip must be practicing this advice because he has the loyal customer base to prove it! 

To contact Skip or RIta at Skipper’s Pool & Spa Service, go to the website or find them on Facebook.

      Skippers logo Skippers Storefront CropSkipper's Pool & Spa Service in Elizabethtown, KY

Skippers StaffThe Team at Skipper's Pool
is ready to help.

Skipper InstallationA beautiful hot tub installation by
Skip and the Team.

Skip and RitaSkip and Rita Hatfield are ready to get customers into hot water.