Aqua Pool & Spa Pros

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Aqua PS Michael Cropped        Mike DareIn 1999 Mike Dare and Kerry West decided it was time to open a pool and spa company. “We’ve been the same company, doing the same thing at the same location for 17 years” states Mike, co-owner of Aqua Pool & Spa Pros in Lindenhurst, Illinois. Selling and installing above-ground and in-ground pools, hot tubs and all the supplies keeps them busy. “We have up to 15 employees when we are in peak season” adds Dare.

Aqua Pool & Spa Pros is family owned and operated, “like most small brick-and-mortar companies” says Dare. “We have a great staff with an average tenure of 9 years.  That really helps us service our customers.” He credits the knowledgeable and well-trained staff for the loyal customer base Aqua Pool & Spa Pros enjoys. “We are a service company first and foremost” says Dare. “We service everyone’s products.” He feels this gives him the ability to determine which products to carry. His customers tell him which products they are happy with but his Service Staff tells him which products are the most reliable. Dare listens to the input from both when making decisions on what product lines to carry.  Based on that, he feels he offers some of the best products in the market.

Mike indicated that the recession of 2008 was one of the most challenging times in the history of Aqua Pool & Spa Pros.  “Service got us through it” He states. “We came through pretty strongly, we even increased our service business which helped re-build our retail” He adds.  Also, being diversified in product lines helped him maintain throughout those few years.

When asked what he is looking forward to this year Dare quickly responds with a laugh, “Warm, dry weather!” He adds, “It’s been cold and wet for a couple of years now.  We could use an ‘average’ spring!”  Dare already sees an uptick in spas sales within the last few weeks. “We can see people have recovered. They are either buying new or replacing old.” He is hoping the trend continues throughout the rest of the year.

“Nordic is a great company to work with” states Dare. “The communication is excellent and the products are extremely reliable.” He knows that when he sells a Nordic Hot Tub he will have reduced service costs involved in that sale.

Dare encourages other dealers to be great service companies. “Take care of your customers because, in this day and age of technology, the word of mouth will help - or not - to build a loyal customer base.”

This coming weekend, April 22 – 24, 2016, Aqua Pool & Spa Pros will be hosting a Nordic Truckload Sale. There will be a HUGE selection of Nordic Hot Tubs for this cash-and-carry sales event. A Factory Representative will also be on site to help answer questions about Nordic Hot Tubs.

Aqua Pool & Spa Pros can be contacted through the website  or find them on Facebook
      Aqua PS LogoAqua PS InteriorThe Interior display at Aqua Pool & Spa Pros, 2060 E Grand, Lindenhurst, IL.

Aqua PS Nordic DisplayA Nordic Hot Tub on display at Aqua Pool & Spa Pros.


Midnight Sun Spa

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Midnight Sun PhilPhil Nyhusmoen"I started selling Nordic Hot Tubs the day Bill Gibson walked into my 'tent' and told me I was going to sell his hot tubs and there was no way around it!" says Phil Nyhusmoen, owner of Midnight Sun Pools n' Spas. "I agreed with him - you did not disagree with Bill Gibson!"

From the humble beginnings of a tent at his first location, which he established just after his high school graduation, to locations in both Bemidji and Brainerd, Minnesota. Phil has weathered a lot during his 22 years in business.  Midnight Sun Pools n’ Spas sells in-ground and above-ground pools, hot tubs and patio furniture. They also build and sell saunas and custom saunas.  Phil currently has 12 "hand-picked and carefully selected" employees and is very proud of the Service they afford his customers.

“Since I started the company as service based, I have always put our service department before sales” Phil shares. He and his staff work very hard focusing on both sales and service aspects. “It’s a fine line as retaining qualified service professionals is difficult. What sets us apart is our longevity in the market and the fact that we are consistent and stable.”

Over the last 22 years Phil states the biggest obstacle he has had to overcome has been the recession.  However, he used the downturn to his advantage by working smarter. “During the recession we were able to buy commercial property, build showrooms and a warehouse” says Phil.  “We had them completed by the end of 2011.” 

Phil is looking forward to the upcoming selling season. He enjoys competition as it motivates him to be best of the best. “We will be HERE!” states Phil. “We have no plans for expansion beyond our local area of northern Minnesota.” The Midnight Sun team is invested in their community. “We give back locally and love seeing our customers out in public!” states Phil.

When asked what he likes about Nordic Phil responds, “My absolute favorite thing is their longevity and consistency. Just like Midnight Sun Pools n’ Spas, Nordic has been the same company since day one and has consistently done business correctly, honestly and aggressively.”  

Phil is looking forward to the next generation joining his business.  “My kids are growing up in our business” he states. “Just a few minutes ago, one of my twin boys explained to me how to test the PH of the hot tub water!”  However, one of the best decisions Phil says he’s ever made has been “accepting my wife, Abbey, into the business. By involving family in the business, it has given me a chance to build other businesses outside of our area and prosper beyond just our region.”  Phil recognizes that many new ideas have come from the ‘family’ dynamic and has enabled Midnight Sun Pool n’ Spas to stand out from the crowd.

Midnight Sun Pool n’ Spas can be found through the website or, find them on Facebook.

      Midnight Sun Logo
Midnight Sun over the Midnight SunThe midnight sun over the Midnight Sun Spa Location at 3411 Hannah Ave NW in Bemidji, MN.

Midnight Sun TentThe very first location of Midnight Sun Spa.
Midnight Sun Brainerd StorefrontThe Brainerd Location.
Midnight Sun Kids in TubThe next generation of Midnight Sun Pool n' Spas.


AAA Spa & Pool Service

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earl and danielle croppedEarl & Danielle ShaloskyAAA Spa & Pool Services, owned by Earl and Danielle Shalosky, is located on the corner of Maple Avenue and Brown Street in Zanesville, Ohio.  Earl and Danielle started the business 15 years ago in their house and, after a couple of moves within the Zanesville area due to the growth of their business, they decided it was time to build the store they had always dreamed of.  They purchased the corner lot just down the street from their location, built a beautiful 2-story structure and moved in during March of 2013. “Our new store was showcased in Spa Retailer Magazine in the November/December issue 2 years ago” says Earl with a chuckle. “The grass wasn’t even in yet!” (Link to the article)

AAA Spa & Pool Services is a full service dealer and installer of above-ground pools, in-ground pools, saunas, spas, billiard tables and grills.  “We don’t just sell big-ticket items and send the customer home.” states Danielle. “We’re there through the purchase and for years beyond!”   This is one of the reasons they have grown even through the economic downturn. “When we started out there were 5 pool and spa dealers in Zanesville,” says Earl. “Now, we’re the only one!”  Danielle adds,” We are here to service, support and help maintain the integrity of our customers’ investment.”

Building pools and installing hot tubs, saunas and pool tables is something the Shaloskys love to do.  When asked what their biggest challenge is currently, Danielle is quick to respond, “Finding employees that are able to provide the service we feel our customers deserve!”  They are selective in their hiring process and that has made it stressful for them personally.  Their current staff is very knowledgeable, well-trained and capable of helping customers in every aspect of pool and spa sales or service.

Earl and Danielle are looking forward to the 2016 season.  They view the work they do as bringing families together. “We aren’t just selling a product, we’re providing new opportunities to unwind, relax and reconnect” states Danielle.  “We want to help more families and friends connect by spending quality time at home!”

AAA Spa & Pool Services became a Nordic Partner approximately 10 years ago.  Both Earl and Danielle are happy they made that decision as it fills a niche within their market. “They [Nordic hot tubs] are well made tubs that don’t break the bank” says Danielle.  Earl adds, “Our technicians hardly ever get called out to work on a Nordic!”  Less service work is something that makes Earl and Danielle happy as it fits in with their strategy of carrying the best products.

When asked what advice they could give to other dealers, Earl quickly quips, “That’s kind of the secret, isn’t it?”  He goes on to say, “Naw, just keep a positive attitude! Take care of your customers!”  Danielle adds, “Have high expectations! Don’t settle for second best.  ALWAYS strive to deliver the best experience.” That’s great advice!

Earl and Danielle can be contacted at AAA Spa & Pool Services through their website or find them on Facebook.

      AAA Logo AAA BuildingAAA Spa & Pool Service Storefront.

AAA Spa LotThe corner of Maple and Brown before Earl and Danielle transformed it into AAA Spa & Pool Services location.

AAA InteriorThe interior of the AAA Spa & Pool Services showroom.

AAA pool school night croppedPool School Night at AAA Spa & Pool Services.