Royal Billiard & Recreation

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Royal Billard & Recreation, Incorporated has been located in Hatfield, Pennsylvania since 1982. Frank and Connie Gorup, founders of Royal Billiard & Recreation, had originally intended to move back to their home state of Kansas to open a billiard supply company.  However, plans changed and the Gorups decided to stay in Hatfield and established the business there.

Audra DelConte, one of the Gorup’s daughters, took over the business in 2002.  Her passion is to continue to grow Royal Billiard & Recreation but to keep the core values of the family owned business her parents began.  DelConte continually researches to provide current, trending product lines, including a variety of gaming tables, bars, barstools, hot tubs and accessories.  Under her leadership, Royal Billiard & Recreation maintains loyal vendor, customer and employee relationships.

Dave Fly, a sales person for Royal Billiard & Recreation is very proud of their reputation within the local community and in the industry.  “What sets us apart from the competition is our service, both during and after the sale,” states Fly.  “We make sure we understand our customers and get them into the right products.”  To further ensure customer satisfaction, Royal Billard & Recreation offers a 10% lifetime discount on chemicals, covers and accessories to hot tub customers. 

DelConte knows that when a customer is happy they tell their friends and family so, she began a Customer Referral Reward Program.  “If a customer refers a friend, and the friend purchases a table or hot tub, we send our original customer a gift card,” states DelConte.  “Plus, after each sale the sales person sends their customer a personal Thank You note to thank them for their purchase!” adds Fly. Both DelConte and Fly feel this ‘hands on’ approach to customer service keeps customers loyal to Royal Billiard & Recreation.

As an experienced and established company, Royal Billiard & Recreation has weathered the many cycles of the market. Fly states, “There are many things we have to be aware of but it always comes down to getting new customers in the door.” To get their name in front of potential customers, DelConte strategically plans advertising campaigns. “Audra is also very aware of how social media helps our business and we have a group that does that for us,” states Fly.  “Even though we do a great job of public awareness,” Fly says with a laugh, “I’m still shocked to hear someone say they didn’t know we were here!”

Looking forward to 2017 Fly states, “Our main goal is to surpass last year’s sales figures.” Although 2016 was a great year for Royal Billiards & Recreation, Fly knows they can make this year even better. “As long as the state of the economy holds, we’ll do great!”

Royal Billiard & Recreation has been a Nordic Dealer Partner since 2004.  Fly enjoys selling the product because of the simplicity and reliability of Nordic Hot Tubs.  “We know the phone doesn’t ring after we sell a Nordic,” says Fly with a grin. “They are simple to operate and so reliable.  We rarely have a service related call on a Nordic tub.”  DelConte says her service tech agrees, “When it was time to replace my old hot tub, our Service Tech made sure I replaced mine with a Nordic. He wasn’t even familiar with Nordic until we introduced him to the line . . . he is so impressed! He tells us they [Nordic] are easier to work on than most and by far the most economical to fix . . . a really great value!”

Fly gives this advice to dealers, “Find new ways to get new business through the door.  Audra is great about staying on the forefront of trends.  She makes sure our showroom stays fresh with updated products.  The customers can tell!  Don’t let things start to look old and dated.”

Audra DelConte and the Royal Billiard & Recreation Sales Team can be reached through the website or find them on Facebook
      royal billiards logoRoyal Billiard StorefrontRoyal Billiard & Recreation located at 2622 Bethlehem Pike, Hatfield, PA.

Nordic TubsRoyal Billiard & Recreation's
Nordic Hot Tub display.

Nordic Off LoadNordic Hot Tubs stand ready to be delivered to customers of Royal Billiard & Recreation.
Nordic Truck in LotThe Nordic truck delivering another load of Nordic Hot Tubs to Royal Billiard & Recreation.



Altman's Billiards

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When it’s a great fit, it works out well!  Bob and Karen Altman know this from 31 years of experience in the spa and billiard industry.

It all began when Bob Altman had a brother-in-law that was a professional billiard player.  He taught young Bob how to fix and refurbish pool tables.  Seizing an opportunity, Altman looked beyond service and repair of billiard tables and began selling them, right out of his apartment!

In 1996 Bob and Karen married and launched Altman’s Billiards as a full-time home-based company.  Within 3 years the business had outgrown their house they looked for a larger, more professional retail space.  They signed the lease on the Bloomington location and expanded their inventory to include bars, bar stools, recreational furniture and other products. In 2002 they attended their first Aqua Show and added hot tubs, backyard barbeque and patio furnishings to their product lines.

Karen feels that what sets Altman’s apart from the competition is their home-based atmosphere. She states, “We came from a home-based business and, even though our store is much larger now, we still feel like our customers are visiting our home.”  On the weekends the Altman’s schedule cook-outs and offer refreshments to their customers. “Even my dog comes to work with me!” says Karen with a laugh. But the Altman’s are serious contenders in the retail hot tub industry. “We may be homegrown, but we can play in the larger market!”  It’s a perfect blend in marriage and in business as Karen takes on more of the administration and financial work while Bob focuses on the sales and service side.

Over the 31 years of business, Karen sees a trend happening throughout the brick and mortar retail industry.  “It’s become harder to find the right people,” she states. “Right now we have a great staff.  They are the right blend and very stable.  They know what to do and they do it!” she adds proudly. 

Another challenge she notes is competition from the internet for customers' discretionary spending. “Now that is a whole other conversation,” Karen says with a laugh. “But, it’s not new to us.  We started out selling a discretionary product and we still sell discretionary products, so we’re used to it I guess!” she adds.

The Altman’s know 2017 is going to be a good year.  Karen feels they have a great staff and a great product mix. They are also looking to purchase the building in Bloomington and add on to expand the showroom.  “So, 2017 is going to be more of the same but with an upswing!” says Karen. “We’re just getting better at it!”

Karen is happy they began carrying Nordic Hot Tubs in 2003. “We love their simplicity and they NEVER break!” she states.  “We never do service call on Nordics. We LOVE that!”  She also enjoys that Nordic has Dealer Incentive Programs.  “Bob is all about this year’s incentive!” she states.

Asked if she had advice for other dealers, Karen responds, “Play by the rules and, if there is an incentive or offer out there, GO for it!”  She adds, “Focus on getting the incentives and you will sell more product! Do what you do best and everybody wins!”

The Altmans and their Sales Team can be reached through the website and on Facebook.

      Atlmans Full LogoAltman Bloomington ExtAltman's Billiards and Barstools located at 2036 Ireland Grove Road, Bloomington, IL.

Altman Urbana ExtAltman's Billiards & Barstools
2nd location, 1006 N Cunningham, Urbana, IL.

Altmans BobKaren in tub 7703Bob and Karen Altman, take a coffee break with Daisy in a Nordic Retreat™.
Altmans Nordic Display 7699A very tropical Nordic Display at Altman's Billiards & Barstools in Bloomington, IL.



Paradise Pool and Spa - NC

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What does it take to keep a 5-star rating on your business?  Wayne Currin, co-owner of Paradise Spas in Garner, North Carolina knows that it’s simple but it it’s not easy.  Currin feels the way they have gained their stellar rating is through extreme customer service. “We give our customers recognition,” states Currin. “Because of this we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating on Yelp and Facebook.  We also have an A+ rating with the BBB. We worked hard to get it and we work very hard to keep it!”

So, besides a great rating what sets Paradise Spas apart from the competition? “Experience,” Currin responds quickly.  Both Currin and co-owner, Ray Kopp, have over 40 years combined experience in the pool and spa industry. 

For 17 years, Currin managed multiple corporate pool and spa stores within North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. His people skills along with his business acumen propelled him and his store to a ‘Top 5’ sales ranking within his corporation. Through this position he met Kopp and was impressed with his skill, experience and integrity. 

Kopp began his career installing pools, spas and billiard tables.  He worked his way from Technician into Service Manager and subsequently, Trainer.  It was while he was a Trainer that he and Currin met. They established a friendship and, in 2013, the idea for Paradise Spas became a reality.

Although Currin has a very laid-back demeanor, he is a fierce competitor when it comes to selling hot tubs.  He is constantly evaluating locations and product mix to make sure Paradise Spas is carrying the right inventory for their customer base. “We want to get every spa deal that comes through the door,” says Currin with a grin. He adds, “By moving relocating, we doubled our sales in 1 year! We boomed right away!”

When asked what he is looking forward to for this year, Currin immediately responds, “Everything!”  His goals this year are to increase sales, add staff and help every customer find the right product to fit their needs.   At the moment he doesn’t have any plans for expansion but, as the business grows, he and Kopp continue to evaluate their growth plan.

In 2015, Currin and Kopp made the decision to bring Nordic Hot Tubs into their showroom.  They are both happy with their decision. “What I like most about Nordic is the Lifetime Warranty, the Whirlpool Therapy and the lack of service calls we have to make,” states Currin.  “We made 1 service call on a Nordic Tub last year!” 

As an experienced business person and trainer to the industry, Currin has definite ideas of how to effectively run a successful business.  He has this advice for other dealers, “Help keep our industry a good one! Keep your customers happy! Tell them about the products you offer, don’t beat up the competition and stay positive.  It makes a difference in the long run.”

Wayne Currin, Ray Kopp and the Paradise Sales Team can be reached through the website or find them on Facebook!
      Paradise Logo CropParadise Garner ExteriorParadise Pools & Spas New Location
at 5560 NC 42 West
Garner, North Carolina.

Paradise Greensboro StoreParadise Pools & Spas at
702 Guilford College Road
Greensboro, North Carolina.

Paradis Garner InteriorInterior Hot Tub Display for
Paradise Pools & Spas.

Paradise Interior Nordic DisplayA creative Nordic Display at
Paradise Pools & Spas.